Data Unknown: A New Way to Think About Data

“When we have all data online it will be great for humanity. It is a prerequisite to solving many problems that humankind faces.” – Robert Cailliau

Data can seem somewhat abstract. We think in terms of bits and bytes. We look at whether data is structured or unstructured. We spend our working days thinking about how to best capture, store, secure and make use of data.

What we forget sometimes, however, are the very real human stories captured in the data and the great potential data still holds – not just for making our businesses more competitive – but for profoundly changing the world in which we live. That’s why I was so excited to come across a recent post by The Storage Alchemist introducing a new show called Data Unknown that presents us with new ways to think about data and its impact on our lives.  You can check out the first episode of the series below:

What I like about Data Unknown is that the story is told in such a way that it brings the human side of data to life.  What are all the things we use data for? Why is it important to us? It even asks the question, could we live without data?

Those of you who follow the INFINIDAT blog know that we are in the data storage business for one reason ? to help make it possible to store all of humanity’s data. Not for the purpose of archiving the bits and bytes we create everyday, but to enable businesses, scientists and ordinary people to take advantage of their data, and to use it to help move the world forward in positive ways. To really understand the passion and thinking behind what we do, I urge you to check out our CTO, Brian Carmody, talking about the data storage challenges inherent in genomics research, just one area that INFINIDAT is exceptionally qualified to address.  Our core principals are about scale, performance, and reliability in data storage, however, it is also very much about delivering on these principals at a cost that won’t limit how much data you are able to store. We strongly believe that you shouldn’t have to make compromises when it comes to the data you need to achieve your mission.

Companies think about the value of data in different ways; for some it’s a cost center and for others it’s a strategic asset. A CTO once explained to me that financial services companies penalize their teams for storing more data. That’s because IT costs for the organization go up and they are forced to make sacrifices, usually storage capacity, in order to free up budget for other priorities  However at Google, their teams are rewarded for storing more data.  The difference is that Google understands that capturing, analyzing and acting on more information only makes them smarter.  They also understand that doing that faster, makes them smarter, more quickly.

Data Unknown Logo

I see the  Data Unknown series as a way to connect people and businesses to data in a relatable way. It helps explain why data is so important to businesses, shows how data is continuing to grow exponentially, and how businesses can harness it to make their products and services better.  The first episode with Ian Barrett, Creative Director at MediaBoss TV, shows how over the last decade, the media business has evolved to higher resolution photography and video, added animation and social media to its portfolio, and is providing enhanced capabilities to all their clients. And if you’re like me and spent part of your youth checking out the Boston music scene, you’ll especially appreciate the trip down memory lane. I hope you enjoy it.

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Christie is Senior Director of Marketing Communications for INFINIDAT. Prior to joining INFINIDAT, she led corporate marketing for IT management software company, Kaseya, and supported Oracle’s web experience management solution, WebCenter Sites, in a product marketing role. Christie was responsible for marketing and analyst relations at FatWire Software prior to its acquisition by Oracle. She has over fifteen years of experience as a business-to-business marketer specializing in AR/PR, branding and creative, content marketing, digital marketing, and demand generation for complex sales.

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