Data Unknown: India’s Mobile Generation Yields Demand for Cloud Services

Here is a pretty funny story. My dad was the best support engineer in New England for RCA / Sperry Univac, which later became Unisys. He traveled all throughout New England fixing computer systems for banks, retail businesses and many more. I can remember, in the evenings, him reading manual after manual on how the systems worked, so he knew better how to fix them. He would read and read. I remember coming home from college one weekend and working on our home computer. I was trying to figure something out and all I kept doing was clicking the mouse on different icons to try to figure out how to solve my problem. My dad used to get so mad at me. He used to say, “Why don’t you just pick up the manual and read how to do what you are looking for?” I would say, “Because that is boring! I’ll probably figure it out in the same time it would take me to read the manual, and I may find other things out about the program I may want for later.”

This is indicative of the ‘now’ generation. People don’t pick up the manual to read how to do something. They have a very high expectation that the application will be simple enough to use, simply by clicking on a few icons. Icons should be very similar between applications to ensure ease of use. If they can’t figure it out, they will probably watch a 3-minute or less YouTube video on “how to,” and if they still can’t then, they will never use the application again.

This is how the cloud generation behaves today. And one of largest cloud contingents lives in India. There are 1.25 billion people in India, and they all skipped the PC and laptop generation and went straight to mobile. In fact, sixty percent of the people in India access the internet through mobile devices. They expect to have their applications and their data on demand wherever they are, anytime they want it. So how does a country that is growing substantially and limited in its ability to build out their own datacenters due to the power and cooling issues involved, cost effectively move their economy to the next level? They do so in the cloud.


In this episode of Data Unknown, Neil Pollock, CEO of managed services business, NxtraData Limited, sat down with me to discuss how the Indian market adopts new technology. He talked to me about the evolution of the datacenter to the cloud. Its pretty interesting when you think how the cloud market will quickly be servicing 1.7 billion people in India alone. These datacenters need to be ready to handle data at scale.

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