Data Unknown: Folks Can’t Live Without Their Data

A month or so ago I traveled to India to find out more about how data is shaping the world around us.  Why India?  India, like China, has gotten a lot of press in the last 6 to 12 months regarding investments from the high-tech community.  Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, to name a few of the tech giants, have all pledged spending greater than a billion dollars each in growing their businesses in India.  Why? Well, when I spoke with Neil Pollock, CEO of NxtraData, a datacenter managed services company, Neil said emphatically, “The way the Indian market, adapts to technology is phenomenal.”

As you walk around the streets of the US, it isn’t uncommon to see people on their cell phones banging away on the tiny keyboard.  Mostly it’s friends talking to (texting) other friends.  As I walked around New Delhi, I witnessed many of the adult business owners who have skipped over the personal computer generation and have gone straight to mobile phone and tablet usage, all over cell networks to aid their businesses.  I would guess with 1.5 billion people in India, that is why these tech giants are investing so much in this market.

I learned a lot in the week I was in India about how data is playing a vital role in growing the country and what the new influx of potential revenue can do for it.  It is exciting to see as I travel around, how folks just can’t live without their data, anywhere.

IndiaThe next episode of Data Unknown takes us to India.

Neil was a great help in explaining to us how he got his role at Nxtra and how he has seen the Indian market evolve when it comes to datacenters in the country and how folks there use data.  Neil told us, “This is a country that is not afraid of technology.” Watch the teaser to get a glimpse of our trip and see what else is to come.  The full episode will be available very soon.

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