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Fun with Neutrix Cloud – Spawning Multiple DB Instances Using Snapshots

Fun with Neutrix Cloud – Spawning Multiple DB Instances Using Snapshots

I like learning from our customers about the various ways they’re using our products, especially when it comes to Neutrix Cloud. I’ve recently written about how Neutrix Cloud can be used for rendering a movie in a multilcloud environment, as well as how it can work with AWS Elastic Map Reduce. In this post, I’ll cover a dev&test scenario, in particular as it applies to a database environment.

Let’s assume you are running a large scale database in a public cloud or in your datacenter, consuming terabytes of block storage. This could be Oracle, MS SQL, or mySQL. You want to spawn a copy or two of the production environment as a pre-production testing environment. How long would it take you to create several copies of this data using a native, public cloud storage solution? How much would it cost you?

Now let’s assume a database is still running in a public cloud, but the data is stored on Neutrix iSCSI volumes.

Neutrix Cloud

First, you’ll have to take snapshots of your production environment. This is as simple in the cloud as it is in your on-premises environment:

snap create --uuid LUNid

These snapshots are created instantly, have no performance impact on your production, but even more important – when initially created, and until you change any data, they’re totally free. They don’t cost you anything.

Neutrix Cloud

These snapshots can be made writeable and become instant copies of the original LUNs. The best part – you’re only paying for the changes made on these snapshots:

snap modify --uuid Snapid --writable true

These snapshots can now be accessed from a separate set of DB servers, offering instant, affordable provisioning of your dev&test environments. As soon as the environment is not needed anymore, it can be instantly removed.

There many other use cases available with Neutrix Cloud storage as a key component. I’ll cover some more of them in future posts. Stay tuned, and explore Neutrix Cloud on your own. All you need to do is to contact your INFINDIAT account team.

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Gregory Touretsky (@gregnsk) is a Senior Director, Product Management at INFINIDAT. He drives the company’s roadmap around NAS, cloud and containers topics. Before that Gregory was a Solutions Architect with Intel, focused on distributed computing and storage solutions, data sharing and the cloud. He has over twenty years of practical experience with distributed computing and storage. Gregory has an M.S. in Computer Science from Novosibirsk State Technical University and an MBA from Tel-Aviv University.