1-Hello WorldThe amount of data a business needs to keep on line to be successful is exploding. But most storage architectures are not designed for what we call “Performance at Scale.” Scale up the amount of data being stored and your data center space grows geometrically, as does your power consumption. Scale up the data under management and in the event of a failure, your restores fall way behind. Scale up the amount of data and cost skyrockets. Scale up IOPS and throughput and cost again skyrockets. None of these represent Performance at Scale.

We founded Infinidat to start solving the problems of Performance at Scale. We are launching this blog site today as a place where we can hold a dialogue with you, our potential user, on how the cost-effective application of modern storage technologies can solve these issues for you. Please follow our postings and contribute your thoughts as well.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Gareth Taube, VP of Marketing, Infinidat

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