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What People Are Saying About InfiniBox 3.0

In this business, a “Dot-0” release represents a major milestone and countless hours of dedicated effort on the part of product managers, engineers and all those that support their efforts in getting a new version of a product ready for market. With significant new capabilities in the areas of compression, iSCSI support and performance analytics, the release of InfiniBox 3.0 is the culmination of the relentless creativity and tremendous work ethic of INFINIDAT’s team.

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After the many long days that have gone into conceiving and building InfiniBox 3.0, it’s somewhat satisfying to step back and take a look at what others think about your new baby. Here are some of them:

“By compressing data as an asynchronous operation, Infinidat avoids the overhead typical of all compression implementations. This means Infinidat can apply in-line compression to spinning disk without a performance hit, further supporting its premise that spinning disk costs will remain lower than flash. “ – Dave Vellante, SiliconANGLE

“The dense architecture of the InfiniBox has given us a great deal of confidence in what’s sitting in the rack from the nodes right down to the disks. We look forward to leveraging the new compression capabilities to more effectively assess our future storage requirements and the cost of that storage.” – Michel Danon, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Hawai‘i Medical Service Association (HMSA)

“With InfiniBox 3.0, the company is also making a significant leap forward by adding advanced storage management functionalities that respond to the needs of both enterprise customers and managed service providers for simplicity as well as high performance.” – Mark Peters, Practice Director & Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

“Performance analytics make this fast array go even faster.” – Chris Mellor, The Register

“We are excited about the new iSCSI capability for our private cloud and DRaaS products. InfiniBox Version 3.0 will allow us to further boost the performance of our managed cloud services while keeping costs down.” – Dan Hamilton, Vice President of Technology, Whipcord

“InfiniBox Version 3 delivers robust compression and other efficiency features without impacting the performance, reliability and scalability INFINIDAT customers have come to expect.” – George Crump, President and Founder, Storage Switzerland

To end this post, I close with another quote from SiliconANGLE’s Dave Vellante, because it sums up the drive and motivation of INFINIDAT’s team so well:

“Moshe [Yanai] and his team are at it again… In classic Moshe fashion, he convinced a group of rock star engineers in his network to join him. Most of these individuals probably don’t have to work but do so because they like to solve gnarly problems. Infinidat uses intelligent algorithms to squeeze the most out of storage media, including spinning disk. There are very few storage companies – if any – that see the world the same way.”

To learn more about the nuts and bolts of InfiniBox 3.0, check out the announcement on our blog.

Über Christie Flanagan

Christie is Senior Director of Marketing Communications for INFINIDAT. Prior to joining INFINIDAT, she led corporate marketing for IT management software company, Kaseya, and supported Oracle’s web experience management solution, WebCenter Sites, in a product marketing role. Christie was responsible for marketing and analyst relations at FatWire Software prior to its acquisition by Oracle. She has over fifteen years of experience as a business-to-business marketer specializing in AR/PR, branding and creative, content marketing, digital marketing, and demand generation for complex sales.