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Data storage company, Infinidat, says organisations fear that, should the ransom not be paid, they will not be able to provide services and products to their customers. Most law enforcement agencies recommend to not pay the ransom, as this payment does not guarantee the encryption release and even encourages cybercriminals to attack again. Cybercriminals can infiltrate an organisation’s IT systems and remain 'dormant' for a long time, during which they gradually encrypt data. That may sound like something that only happens in the movies, but it is very real.

In order to meet the unprecedented spike in online demand for orders and deliveries during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, a strong relationship with a data storage vendor has become crucial.

Three startups aim to revolutionise and rescue the on-premises storage array from the twin assaults of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and the public clouds. They are Infinidat, StorONE and VAST Data and each company is gaining enterprise customers who agree that their technology supersedes all-flash arrays in marrying capacity scaling and performance.

Companies are reducing costs and are encouraged to do more with less. IT departments are being forced to make trade-offs between what is more cost-effective and what is more affordable. Infrastructure plays a big role when it comes to protecting your data. According to the global storage company, Infinidat, there is a way of managing your data without having to purchase Terabytes in advance.

Guest: Eran Brown, Chief Technology Officer at Infinidat

The Covid-19 epidemic has found our world smart and progressive, ready more than ever to deal with an epidemic, but unfortunately, not enough to prevent its eruption on a global scale.