Achieve petabyte-scale data protection with lightning-fast recovery

InfiniGuard® offers unmatched speed and reliability in data backup and restore capacity for high-performance business continuity and disaster recovery. Built using the market-leading InfiniBox® to optimise performance and target-side dedupe processing, InfiniGuard enables you to maximise effective capacity for multi-petabyte environments.

InfiniGuard delivers incredibly fast data recovery, with validated support for all major data protection applications. With high data resiliency, InfiniGuard ensures your data is available quickly and reliably when you need it most. Download the InfiniGuard data sheet to learn more.



Restore Speed: Realize the fastest possible recovery time to ensure uninterrupted access and availability to your data


Leverage the speed of an enterprise-class storage solution, InfiniBox®, to provide high-performance recovery. With InfiniGuard, you can now reliably meet, exceed, or redefine your restore SLAs in support of your business mandates.


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Reliability: Attain exceptional reliability and security

InfiniGuard is designed using the unmatched availability of the InfiniBox with an innovative self-healing architecture and redundant hardware components.

Redundant deduplication engines, in an active/active/passive configuration utilizing stateless recovery, means a fast recovery of the engine state on the standby node if a primary node failure occurs; resuming normal backup/recovery operations quickly and with full data integrity.

Self-encrypting media ensures complete data security. Flexible options for onsite and offsite replication ensure maximum efficiency and data availability for business continuation.

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Consolidation: Reduce data center footprint and consolidate data protection


With effective capacity up to 50PB+ and multiple protocol support (NFS, RMAN, OST, CIFS, and VTL), it is easier than ever to consolidate data protection for multiple systems in a single high-capacity solution. Consolidation with InfiniGuard also reduces data center footprint, lowers power and cooling costs — significantly reducing your data protection TCO.

Performance: Accelerate restore performance for the most demanding applications

Intelligent read-ahead caching, driven by massive parallelism, is core to InfiniGuard’s ability to address business continuity goals.

Predictable performance, based on this next-generation cache management and efficient media orchestration, dramatically reduces restore times to meet the most demanding service-level agreements.

Ease of Management & Integration: Simplify operations with InfiniGuard


InfiniGuard includes an easy and intuitive HTML5 GUI that makes typically complex backup, replication, and recovery operations simpler. The result is an enterprise data protection system that’s highly efficient and simple to manage. It supports most major backup applications already deployed in the data center.


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Total Cost of Ownership: Learn about the market leader in price and performance

InfiniGuard presents considerable savings in acquisition costs as well as operational costs. This solution has the lowest TCO for a solution at this usable/effective capacity. Add in the minimal power consumption and opportunity for system consolidation to the cost equation, and InfiniGuard is the market leader in price and performance.

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InfiniGuard FLX: Lightning-fast, petabyte-scale data protection as a service

  • All inclusive, pay-as-you-go subscription model
  • Scale up or down as needed
  • Hardware refresh included - no need to repurchase your capacity
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Seamless, risk-free data migrations

Download the datasheet to learn more about InfiniGuard FLX.

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