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A Closer Look at Compression, Performance Analytics and iSCSI in InfiniBox 3.0

Last month, INFINIDAT announced InfiniBox 3.0, a significant release packed with important new features like compression, performance analytics and iSCSI. Today, we take a closer look at those features courtesy of our CTO, Brian Carmody, from a recent interview he did with The Cube’s Dave Vellante.

Compression: Successfully Overcoming the Performance Challenge
“We got a challenge from Moshe [Yanai] about a year ago and Moshe challenged the team to develop a compression algorithm that allows you to store more data on the box than the physical capacity, but to do so without impacting latency and performance in any way whatsoever.”

Performance Analytics: Storage Insights You Can Act On
“Performance analytics is a complete re-write of our performance and monitoring sub system on InfiniBox. What’s unique about it is, it allows customers to do multidimensional analysis of performance and operational data coming out of their storage fabrics.”

iSCSI: From Business Class to Carrier Grade Services
“We saw a really great opportunity to take our iSCSI implementation and take it from business class to carrier grade services…This is squarely targeted at managed services providers and large enterprises that are deploying private clouds. They want to go with ethernet based datacenters, but they need carrier grade storage services in order to support their businesses.”

In the coming weeks, the INFINIDAT blog will take a closer look at each of these new feature sets, courtesy of some of our technical experts. In the interim, you can learn more about InfiniBox 3.0 from the announcement on our blog and our recap of market reaction to it.

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