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By the Numbers: Countless Ways to Win with Infinidat at VMworld 2019 in San Francisco

VMworld 2019

As if you needed more reasons to hang out with the industry’s leading provider of multi-petabyte storage solutions at VMworld next month, we’ve got a few more for you to consider. See what you have to discover at the Infinidat booth this year...
A Dozen Ways to Get Smart About Multi-Petabyte Scale
We all know that digital transformation is driving exponential data growth, busting budgets, and straining staff resources. Drop by Infinidat’s theatre in booth #443 and catch one of over 12 sessions to learn how we help companies accelerate this transformation, and “Scale to Win,” by making multi-petabyte scale infrastructures manageable, affordable and immortal.
Multi-Petabyte Scalability into the Future
Learn about Infinidat’s Elastic Data Fabric, our vision and roadmap to an affordable multi-petabyte scale, software-defined, hybrid data center. See first-hand how we improve agility and manageability, up-level performance and availability, create bidirectional elastic scalability, and improve your company’s competitive advantage by increasing operational and financial efficiency. Come away with a clear understanding of — and ways to overcome — the challenges to improving application performance while reducing infrastructure costs.

10 Legacy Storage Systems = 1 InfiniBox
Hear how you can consolidate entire rows of legacy enterprise storage onto a single InfiniBox system, leading to a 10:1 reduction in both floor tiles and network port costs.
1 Monitoring and Analysis System
Learn how to identify, resolve and anticipate performance issues with InfiniVerse, which provides cloud-based monitoring and predictive analysis for global storage operations. InfiniVerse includes customizable dashboards for all InfiniBox systems, wherever they reside, as a single system.
1 Sovereign Hybrid Storage Cloud 
See how easily you can run your workloads where they naturally belong without economic penalties or data gravity slowing you down. When your enterprise data is hosted in Infinidat Neutrix Cloud, it is easier than ever to consolidate your storage and get simultaneous, submillisecond access to multiple, public cloud computing services.
Data Recovery at the Speed of Light
Learn how you can achieve the fastest possible recovery time and ensure uninterrupted access to your data with InfiniGuard. Consolidation with InfiniGuard, a high-performance multi-controller backup/restore target that implements data compression and deduplication, reduces your data center footprint, power, and cooling needs while lowering the frequency of repair activities and data protection costs.
100% VM Availability
In order to win in any industry, you have to be data-savvy, you have to know your customer, and you have to provide your business with the ability to make reliable, data-driven decisions. The more data you have, and the more accurate and accessible that data is, the better the decisions your business can make. With 100% VM availability and affordability at multi-petabyte scale, the competitive advantage you can bring to your enterprise will be unmatched.

99% Recommendation Rating
According to industry research and customer reviews, Infinidat offers extraordinarily high levels of customer satisfaction and is among the leaders in general-purpose storage for enterprise IT departments and service providers.

Spend some time with us at VMworld and you’ll leave our booth with insight and visibility into how our data storage solutions can make your job infinitely easier and consistently exceed your expectations. Check out our booth theatre schedule here or request a meeting.

See you in San Francisco!

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