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Data mobility to the cloud and between clouds

One of my favorite movies is "The Martian". Matt Damon is an astronaut stranded on Mars. One of the challenges he encounters during his fight for survival is communication with NASA on earth. In the Movie, Network Latency between mars and Earth is 32 minutes and in reality, this latency can be even longer as the two planets move in space. For us IT folk, this can serve as a great reminder that Data has mass and moving it can be a challenge.



Its physics, its geography, and there are very limited shortcuts around it. For us, the "born in the cloud" generation, this is sometimes forgotten. Working "in the cloud" we are used to the fact that Starting up 100 virtual servers or 1000 container instances can be super easy but at the same time, providing these servers or instances with 100TB of new data to work on is not easy at all.

This is where our Infinidat Neutrix solution comes into play, in bridging the gap between the datacenter and the cloud, or clouds. Neutrix is our cloud-adjacent storage platform located in datacenters with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP. Being neighbors and sharing the same fast interconnect as the cloud providers’ compute layer, allows our customers to move data between the datacenter and the cloud with easy, native, storage-based replication, and when needed move the data back to the datacenter using the same tools. Once the data is on our platform, adjacent to the cloud providers, it can be consumed in any or all cloud compute layer, allowing our customers the flexibility to choose which service is the right fit for their needs at a specific moment in time.

Cloud providers leapfrog each other in compute capabilities. Amazon Lambda “serverless” compute and Google AutoML are two excellent examples of a cloud provider giving its cloud tenants a better solution to their compute needs. But these solutions are only really available to you if you can easily move your data, and as we’ve seen – that is directly affected by the ease of consuming the data across multiple cloud providers.

With standard cloud availability service levels varying between 3-4 nines (99.9%-99.99%), a backend storage that holds the one thing you can’t quickly generate or re-generate – your data – is critical. Neutrix cloud is based on InfiniBox, our enterprise storage array designed or 7 nines (99.99999% availability) and offers data replication services between Availability Zones (AZs) to reach even higher data availability.

Using our Neural Cache, we provide our customers with the flexibility and availability described without any compromise on performance.

In conclusion, using Neutrix cloud provides customers with better flexibility, better availability and better performance than using "cloud storage" and BTW, like with production storage, our solution is designed to be cost effective so you will pay less per GB per month than you will for storage in the cloud, what's not to like?

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