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End-to-end Visibility of Backup and Storage Operations with Integration of InfiniGuard® and Veritas APTARE IT Analytics

Creating value around backup and recovery operations for our customers drove the formation of the development partnership between Veritas and Infinidat. The outcome is the integration of Veritas APTARE IT Analytics and the Infinidat InfiniGuard® platform, enabling end-to-end visibility across the data infrastructure.

Our vision for enabling customers to maximize the value of storage expenditures, mitigate risk, and streamline backup compliance across on-premises and hybrid clouds aligns with Infinidat’s view. The integration of both companies’ complementary products is designed to help users gain insights on cloud infrastructure utilization, storage optimization, chargeback, and backup SLA status via a single management console. Customers can use out-of-the-box correlation logic to address many of their most common storage and backup management challenges.

Veritas APTARE IT Analytics provides complete end-to-end visibility into storage environments from host to LUN to backup and recovery in a single reporting solution. This valuable insight allows organizations to get a handle on their current environments, improve optimization, infuse intelligence into storage operations, and improve the storage consumption habits of users.

APTARE IT Analytics is multi-faceted. It has an intelligent correlation engine for advanced risk mitigation. It provides drag-and-drop functionality and a powerful SQL-based report designer for operational simplicity. It includes reporting with business context by encouraging efficiencies and better decisions based on actual costs. The APTARE IT Analytics Storage Management Suite helps administrators gain insight into actual consumption of resources, so they can reclaim unused storage, reduce consumption, and increase resource utilization.

Ultimately, APTARE IT Analytics helps organizations reduce the rate of storage and backup growth while stymieing the overall cost of owning storage. Built from the ground up as a multi-tenant solution, APTARE IT Analytics has the flexibility of an extendable architecture and the power of massive scalability.

Integration with Infinidat InfiniGuard is a leap forward for joint customers wanting end-to-end visibility of their critical storage assets, and it complements the InfiniBox® integration that has been offered as part of APTARE IT Analytics for a few years. InfiniGuard is a purpose-built data protection & recovery appliance that shares the InfiniBox primary storage architecture. It provides the same industry-leading performance and reliability of InfiniBox, while adding advanced backup and recovery capabilities for up to 50 of petabytes per single system at industry-leading backup and recovery speeds. It enables not only predictable RPO (Recovery Point Objectives), but also the fastest RTO (Recovery Time Objectives), enabling businesses to restore critical operations when they are needed most.

We are proud to partner with Infinidat to continue supporting our joint customer needs as Infinidat continues expanding their product portfolio.

About Rajeev Mankar

Rajeev Mankar is a Principal Product Manager at Veritas Technologies where he has worked in various technical roles for nearly 20 years. As a technical manager, he architects and implements technical infrastructures to ensure data protection, disaster recovery and storage optimization. Prior to Veritas, he worked at Symantec.