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Even More InfiniSafe for InfiniGuard

Earlier this year, we announced InfiniSafe cyber storage resilience technology on our InfiniGuard platform, consisting of a comprehensive set of features built into our secondary storage platform that were designed to provide a strong defense against cyberattacks. As we know, cyberattacks are about leverage and backup repositories are a high value target in gaining this leverage. By protecting the entire backup repository this enables our customers to recover their data to an immutable, protected, and validated point in time, quickly and easily, read this blog post from our launch of InfiniSafe in Feb 2022 for more details.

InfiniSafe was conceived with our comprehensive understanding of the enterprise storage market and customer requirements, and, specifically, understanding that the capabilities required to recover from a user error, or a logical corruption are fundamentally different from those required in the face of a crippling cyber-attack. Tailoring the InfiniSafe technology to fit specifically for those needs, is what made it so successful. How successful you might ask? Obviously, we cannot disclose sensitive information that relates to our customer’s Cyber defense strategies, but let’s just say that InfiniSafe has very well received by both, new customers purchasing systems that are pre-configured with InfiniSafe, as well as by existing customer that decided to double down on exiting InfiniGuard systems, enabling InfiniSafe with a free-of-charge software only upgrade. Additionally, the storage analyst community has been very impressed with InfiniSafe, and our associated cyber storage resilience guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for InfiniSafe. In fact, in September, storage analyst firm GigaOm named our InfiniSafe solutions as the Leader in Ransomware protection for block storage.  Example of a recovery in just a few clicks below!

Another very interesting insight, is that one global enterprise customer was so satisfied with our technology, that after just a few months with InfiniSafe deployed in production, the customer came back to us and asked if they can extend the InfiniSafe immutability protection period. Enabling longer retention periods is just a software change for us, which we are doing as part of our launch today, but one has to consider that longer retention will require more capacity at the end of the day, and even with highly efficient, inline variable block size deduplication, which has been a core components of the InfiniGuard system from the get go, our biggest 2PB system was starting to stretch when we accounted for the longer cyber resiliency retention plus the ever growing stream of data our customers were putting on it.

I’m happy to share that our customers' needs have not gone unnoticed, and our engineering teams have worked hard to give our customers more of everything. More capacity for more data AND longer cyber protection retention which will be served by our recently announced B4320 InfniGuard system, delivering over 3.4PB of net usable capacity. All this in the same 42U factory pre-configured rack form factor, with the same set of enterprise ready features, delivered with all-inclusive licensing and without compromising on performance, reliability or availability.

The extended capacity in the new B4320 is split between a dedicated backup data repository of up to 50PB+ effective capacity and dozens of the logically air-gapped, immutable InfiniSafe snapshot copies of the backup repository for cyber resilience, effectively driving the capacity protected by the system into the Exabyte range. The system design also allows customers to be able to non-destructively extend backup data spaces consuming unused snapshots space at any point of the system life cycle by doing a simple configuration change, unlike our competition that requires additional hardware, complex networking and long service engagements. Furthermore, and, in light of the global movement for green IT, we designed the B4320 using high density 20TB drives, contributing to a lower energy per TB consumption, reducing the system’s footprint and greatly improving the overall system’s TCO.

Last, but not least, with the launch of the new B4320, we are extending the previously announced *InfiniSafe Cyber Storage Resilience Guarantee for primary storage to cover our InfiniGuard secondary storage platform, guaranteeing immutability of our InfiniSafe snapshots and rapid cyber recovery of the InfiniSafe immutable snapshots in 20 minutes or LESS. These new cyber storage resilience guarantees are not only available with the new B4320, but with the entire Gen3 & Gen2 lineup of InfiniGuard models.

And to wrap it all up in a bow for you, all our InfiniGuard models, with our rich features set, broad ecosystem integration with leading backup software vendors, high availability/reliability, and built-in InfiniSafe cyber protection with our Cyber Storage Guarantee are available in a multitude of purchasing models, ranging from full CapEx and our cloud-like consumption procurement options, allowing you to tailor it exactly to your needs, both technically and financially.

*Terms and conditions apply, see for details

About Guy Kariv

Guy is an industry veteran, with many years of experience in various disciplines of the IT industry, ranging from primary storage and data protection to applications, cyber security and cloud. As field CTO, EMEA, Guy is helping Infinidat’s  customers to transitions their storage infrastructure into modern, business driven, IT-as-a-Service operations , improving business agility while reducing operational overhead.