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How can your company ensure a positive customer experience by accelerating ransomware recovery?

Let’s face it - no company ever expects to deal with ransomware attack let alone the repercussions. A classic example is when the NHS (and 786 other companies for the record according to the 2018 Data Breach Investigation Report) was hit and it resulted in a race to regain control of medical operations and, equally importantly, to rebuild customer trust!

It’s a must these days for organisations to be better prepped for ransomware attacks, data loss and data integrity issues that need fast recovery times.

It is also widely recognised that we live in an instant gratification, ‘Always On’ society. Customers now expect a service to be there as and when they need it regardless of IT challenges that you’re experiencing. And if you don’t provide it, they will move on to your competition!  Ensuring the business services can recover from all failure scenarios is what keeps most CIO’s and CTO’s awake at night.

Backup-centric solutions are no longer enough and it’s time to take on a more recovery-centric approach that will provide your business agility to deliver ongoing digital transformations as demanded.

Here are some top tips to accelerate your business’ push back from ransomware attacks

  • Focus on accelerating recovery times – this is critical in providing a positive customer experience
  • High Availability - the need to recover quickly means the recovery infrastructure has to be highly available. No organisation can wait several hours for a part replacement to start a recovery while, your customers are already starting to use a competitor product/service.
  • Balancing cost and performance – the cost of the solution has to remain low. Replacing low-cost/high-capacity media with Flash is not a viable solution to accelerating backups due to cost. Performance issues should be solved through better architecture.
  • Elasticity – the ability to instantly scale operations, a Capacity on Demand model (COD) means higher business agility; and increased revenues.

Customers expect a fast pace of business; adding elasticity in the backup infrastructure - while keeping the backup fast– is perhaps the most important component in achieving operational efficiencies.

Which in turn deliver a more loyal customer.

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About Eran Brown
Eran Brown is the EMEA CTO at INFINIDAT.
Over the last 14 years, Eran has architected data center solutions for all layers — application, virtualization, networking and most of all, storage. His prior roles include Senior Product Management, systems engineering and consulting roles, working with companies in multiple verticals (financials, oil & gas, telecom, software, and web) and helping them plan, design and deploy scalable infrastructure to support their business applications.