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InfiniBox: Larger, Greener, Better ROI/TCO

Around the globe IT organizations are feeling the pressure of perennial operations and business issues. IT leaders are being stressed to meet ever more stringent Service Level Agreement (SLA) attainment requirements. Additionally, these IT organizations are being leveraged to deliver deeper business benefits in the face of unprecedented application and data proliferation. Finally, IT professionals are the key drivers to deliver strategic advantage through IT, while lowering operational costs and lowering burdens on technical personnel. Infinidat is in tune with today’s IT challenges and is directly addressing these current needs. As you will see below, there are many reasons hundreds of customers gave the InfiniBox 4.9 Stars out of a possible 5 in the Gartner Peer Insights reviews.

Strength of InfiniBox Architecture

2022 has been a year of innovation from Infinidat across our entire award-winning portfolio, and we haven’t stopped yet!

The ability to quickly deliver innovation is a testament to the strength of the InfiniBox architecture. InfiniBox’s fully abstracted set of Software-Defined Storage (SDS) capabilities enables quick and powerful integration of best-of-breed off-the-shelf hardware. The benefits of AI-based optimization and self-healing internal active-active-active architecture enables Infinidat to be the only enterprise storage provider that achieves multi-petabyte capacity with unmatched real-world application and workload performance, unprecedented guarantees, at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This architecture enables Infinidat to offer enterprise storage platforms and solutions that are bigger, faster, greener, and less expensive than other storage products.

Business Benefits – Larger, Greener, Better ROI

Organizations strive to streamline business and drive deeper benefits. IT will always be facing continued capacity growth requirements, while being expected to demonstrate improved Return on Investment (ROI) and lower TCO. Recent requirements for Green initiatives had added pressure to reduce data center footprint and overall environmental impact.

Our newest InfiniBox now supports 20TB hard drives and delivers substantial business benefits:

  • Up to 72% larger capacity (17.287PB effective capacity) compared to the prior model in the same footprint and the same power requirements
  • Up to 36% better ROI/TCO
  • 42% reduction in power per effective PB, making it greener to operate

These InfiniBox updates enable substantially wider levels of capacity consolidation of enterprise and midrange storage arrays. This consolidation means less power, cooling, floor space, and less to recycle upon system retirement.

IT Operations and Personnel

Simplicity of operations is an additional critical consideration. Critical operations and personnel aspects are the speed of deployment, ease of management, ability to focus on business outcomes as opposed to IT operations, and, ultimately, a reduction in the attention and manpower associated with enterprise storage.

Easy-button install and configuration. No cost Host Power Tools and application-specific integrations offer ease of installation and configuration.

AI-based autonomous automation. Inifinidat’s patented Neural Cache AI-based, deep learning automation continuously optimizes data placement and maximizes cache hits for the ultimate in self-managed solution performance.

Set-it-and-forget-it operations. IT teams benefit from Neural Cache optimization as they no longer must micromanage or re-manage storage. The longer the Neural Cache runs, the smarter it gets about its current and new workloads. Infinidat’s InfiniOps suite of AIOps and DevOps capabilities expedite integration and streamline operations.

Zero additional workload. The additional capacity of the new InfiniBox brings no additional IT workload. The additional 72% capacity resides in the same single rack with no operational changes from the previous arrays. Since optimization of an InfinBox is autonomously automated due to Neural Cache, the additional capacity does not require additional attention.

SLA Attainment, Guaranteed

Organizations are depending on infrastructure providers to ensure always-on application and information systems. Infinidat provides explicit, specific, written guarantees on availability, performance, and Cyber storage resilience.

Infinidat stands behind its primary storage platforms with four guarantees!

  • 100% Availability Guarantee1: We have offered a 100% data availability guarantee for many years. It is not about how many 9’s you have, it is about 100% availability.
  • Performance Guarantee2: We will work with you to understand your workloads and performance needs and will guarantee a performance SLAs.
  • InfiniSafe Cyber Storage Guarantees3: Cyber resilience is one of the top concerns of enterprises everywhere. We deliver InfiniSafe Cyber Storage Resilience Guarantees, based on our InfiniSafe Technology. We guarantee recoverability of any of your InfiniSafe immutable snapshots and we guarantee those InfiniSafe immutable snapshots be recovered in one minute or less. This guarantee is the industry’s first Cyber storage resilience guarantee for primary storage.

Infinidat continues to innovate and provide features, capabilities, and solutions that address the needs of the most demanding enterprises. Business outcomes are not only driven by technology, but Infinidat also provides the most flexible financial solutions including two cloud-like consumption models, as well as traditional purchase. These solutions ensure the flexibility to meet your business and financial needs. Lastly, beyond even technology and financing, you need world class support and Infinidat is second to none with end-to-end “White Glove” service we provide with all our solutions.


1 100% Availability is based on our 100% data availability guarantee - Terms and Conditions apply

2 Performance guarantees required a detailed performance analysis of workloads for a guaranteed SLA - Terms and conditions apply

3 We guarantee the recoverability of an immutable snapshot and complete the snapshot recovery within 1 minute - Terms and conditions apply

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John DeLuca is a Product Marketing Manager at infinidat.  With more than two decades of experience in the storage industry, John's contributions have included delivering value to Dell EMC across multiple marketing and customer-facing roles over the years.   As a technology evangelist, he has led discussions at thousands of executive briefings, is an accomplished IT instructor, sales educator and storage competitive analyst.  John has a BSc in Computer Science, an MBA in Technology Management, and a MSc in Information Science and technology.