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Infinidat Delivers the Ultimate Flexibility to Meet Your Business Requirements

As we enter 2022, our customers are telling us of huge changes in Enterprise Storage – not only how technology is changing dramatically across their storage estates, but also how they must adapt to significant changes in business requirements. It is no longer acceptable to just have the fastest storage or the most available storage or the most reliable storage. 

Our customers continue to acknowledge us publicly for the powerful technical value Infinidat provides. From our public customer stories to our standing as a Gartner Customers' Choice award winner for 3 years in a row to our 19 awards in 2021, our customers reinforce the importance of white-glove service and of meeting their technical and business requirements. 

In addition to all our unmatched technology advantages, at Infinidat we have continuously adapted to match these ever-changing business requirements. As a result, we have spent time and resources to innovate on how we deliver technology – and business models – to our customers. In the past, "Business requirements" used to be code for Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), or Return on Investment (ROI), or simply price. While these are all important, these aren't good enough. More than ever, it is also critical to match the consumption of the business to the consumption of the technology. The business model must match the business requirements and at Infinidat we have done that.

Infinidat makes it very, very easy to do business with us because we offer a wide set of consumption models to best match our customers' needs:

The simplest, and most traditional, model is the "up-front purchase." This doesn't sound like much at first, but there's more to it than meets the eye. Infinidat's solutions are all-inclusive. Not only does this include all current features, future features, installation and 3 years of premium support, it crucially includes something that no one else provides: a technical advisor (TA). Our TAs are there for you 7 x 24 to assist in any, and all, support aspects relating to our family of solutions: InfiniBox, InfiniBox SSA, and InfiniGuard. This is true white-glove support, which would typically cost $20K per month for equivalent competitive offerings.

My colleague, Erik Kaulberg, Vice President of Alliances, covered Elastic Pricing in great detail when it was first announced. Elastic Pricing combines Infinidat's Capacity on Demand model with OpEx burst capability. Customers love this model and have used it for years. Infinidat will deliver a full system to the customer, but only charge them for what they need. When they need more, they just start using it. No license keys. No buffer capacity. No migrations. Just use the capacity that's already there and pay for it when you need it.

Infinidat's newest program, FLX, has actually been around since 2019, which means we have a lot of experience compared to our competition. With FLX, customers pay per use, $/GB, based on what they use, based on what they need. The more they need, the more they pay. And the less they need, the less they pay.

If customers know they have large storage requirements for their mission-critical applications, we have them covered with our up-front purchase model. If customers know they're going to grow, we have Elastic. If customers really aren't sure at all, we have FLX. All are simple and easy. This is how the most innovative company in Enterprise Storage – Infinidat – ensures your business requirements are met.

About Dan Pearl

Dan Pearl is the Director of Sales Enablement and Strategy for Infinidat. Prior to joining Infinidat, Dan has spent over a decade in product management, marketing and direct sales roles in technology companies including EMC, Acme Packet/Oracle, and SimpliVity/HPE.