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Infinidat Named One of the World’s Top 5 Storage-as-a-Service Providers by Storage Analyst Firm DCIG

Storage and IT analyst firm DCIG has named Infinidat one of the world’s top 5 Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) solution providers for 2022 / 2023. It’s a great honor, validating how extensively Infinidat has embraced the “as-a-service” consumption model and helped redefine enterprise storage, far exceeding industry expectations. This means Infinidat is on the forefront of this next major shift of the industry to STaaS.

The analyst report documents how Infinidat’s STaaS solution delivers a world-class offering. This blog post explores the 5 key elements that make our STaaS offering a market leader. Let’s start our journey into STaaS.

First, Infinidat offers two STaaS models: Elastic Pricing and FLX. Our Elastic Pricing model is a mix of CAPEX storage upfront and cloud-like operating expansions or “bursts” month to month, as needed. Our FLX model is OPEX-based with cloud-like, pay-as-you-go consumption – whether up or down in storage capacity. You choose what works best for your enterprise. In either model, you receive the same all-inclusive features, 100% availability, guaranteed performance and white glove support that Infinidat has made its name on for a decade.

In both models, the system comes fully populated on Day One and is available across all of Infinidat’s platforms, including the InfiniBox®, InfiniBox SSA™, and InfiniGuard®. Unlike STaaS offerings from other storage vendors, there is no need to schedule additional storage to be added at a later date; no need to manage buffer capacity; and no added complexity.

Second, we do not remove any of our industry-acclaimed enterprise storage features or functions. With Infinidat’s STaaS, you get everything you would expect from an Infinidat platform, just as if you had bought the solution in the traditional CAPEX fashion: 100% availability, the highest performance and lowest latency in the industry, ease of use, our set-it-and-forget-it approach, autonomous automation, advanced cybersecurity protection, and unmatched flexibility with AIOps and DevOps.

Your enterprise simply consumes the storage in a different way, whether through the cloud-like OPEX model (FLX) or the hybrid CAPEX/OPEX model (Elastic Pricing). Enterprises that are accustomed to using mid-range storage products can now get all the benefits of high-end storage features and functionality by doing it as a service.

Third, Infinidat’s STaaS solution gives you the opportunity to simplify your data center by consolidating storage. It is easier to manage two storage arrays than 14 storage arrays, or one array instead of 10 arrays. Our STaaS solution saves floor space, rack space, and power and cooling requirements. There is less to manage – substantially less. It takes less to manage one or two arrays than 10 or more arrays. With our set-it-and-forget-it approach to management (essentially Infinidat platforms are 95% or more self-managing and self-healing) and our autonomous automation, there is simply less storage management.

Moreover, this simplification makes the data center greener. Not only are you consuming less energy with the reduction in power and cooling needs, but when you retire your Infinidat solutions, there are fewer platforms to recycle or dispose of, complying with green initiatives. The more efficient use of energy, space, lighting and temperature sensors – emitting less carbon from less power consumption – makes the data center more environmentally-friendly. Simpler means greener.

Fourth, shifting to Infinidat’s STaaS translates into substantial cost savings. The consolidation of storage reduces CAPEX and OPEX costs significantly. Managing two arrays is naturally more cost-effective than managing 10 or more arrays. Plus, the organizations that are used to using mid-range products are getting the high-end storage capabilities at a mid-range price point that is highly compatible with many IT budgets. Infinidat has changed the economics of the storage industry, exposing the outdated pricing structures of the larger incumbents. All of the conservation of power, space and manpower also convert into lower total cost of ownership, thanks to storage-as-a-service.

Fifth, Infinidat’s STaaS offering comes with our world-famous “white glove” service, including our top-notch technical advisors and AIOps-based, proactive software for optimal use. With every purchase of any Infinidat enterprise storage solution, a Technical Advisor (TA) is assigned to serve as the experienced technical account consultant with full oversight to ensure customer success. Infinidat’s L3 development support provides the highest level of customer support in the industry. We deliver this white glove service at no additional cost as part of our all-inclusive licensing model. Looking across our rapidly expanding installed customer base in the enterprise and with service providers, we have received tremendously positive feedback from customers. Among them is Virtual Data Corp (VDC), a Canadian IT solutions provider specializing in managed cloud hosting solutions.

Cole Thompson, President and CEO of VDC, told us, “We love how Infinidat lets you pay for the storage and grow as you need. For us, we really like the idea of being able to buy the entire box and leverage storage as required, while knowing exactly what our budget was.” On service and support, he said, “We went with a five-year support and warranty package, which is great because we get monthly scheduled calls with Infinidat. It is really a white glove service. It’s great to be able to put everything on one simple-to-use interface.”

Chris Hilliard, a Network Engineer at the City of Norfolk, said, “Our experience with using and managing InfiniBox has been awesome. I like to call it the Ronco version of storage. We set it and forget about it. On the rare occasion the box calls home for service, Infinidat knows about the issue before we do.”

Our customers benefit from our advancements indeed. We’re proud of the traction that Infinidat has garnered. This Top 5 recognition is one more in a long list of awards and recognition that Infinidat has received over the past year. As we have elevated our position in the industry and expand our solution portfolio, we are continually being rewarded for our vision and our ability to execute. STaaS is a big part of our leap forward.

About Dan Pearl

Dan Pearl is the Director of Sales Enablement and Strategy for Infinidat. Prior to joining Infinidat, Dan has spent over a decade in product management, marketing and direct sales roles in technology companies including EMC, Acme Packet/Oracle, and SimpliVity/HPE.