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Infinidat Storage Can Provide Customers 125% ROI Over 3 Years With Payback In Less Than 6 Months

Infinidat storage can provide customers 125% ROI over 3 years

Today we announced the results of a commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting on our behalf to illustrate the full value enterprises have realized deploying our InfiniBox®.

To do this, Forrester created a composite organization based on interviews with eight INFINIDAT customers covering multiple industries and use cases. These customers have collectively deployed 65 InfiniBox systems with a total of 19 years of operation. They determined an aggregate benefit of $14.3 million in capital expense savings, a payback period of less than six months and an ROI of 125%.

INFINIDAT Customers Show Significant Cost Savings with InfiniBox

Additional TEI findings for the composite organization include:

  • Downtime cost savings with INFINIDAT, $1.2M. Interviewed customers reported zero unplanned downtime with InfiniBox systems.
  • Operational expense alignment savings of $1.5M with Capacity on Demand (CoD) model. INFINIDAT has a flexible pricing model that supports both traditional upfront purchases and flexible storage capacity on demand. InfiniBox systems include capacity for growth, and by leveraging this CoD option, organizations pay only for what they use when they use it.
  • Labor savings using INFINIDAT’s tools, $1.3M. Interviewed customers reported labor savings with INFINIDAT tools; e.g., storage administrators are more productive and efficient with InfiniBox than with previous storage systems.
  • Power savings benefits, $179,201. Interviewed customers reported significant power and cooling savings over a three-year analysis when comparing previous storage array solutions with InfiniBox systems.

According to customers, infrastructure costs increased rapidly, especially previous storage costs, while performance had degraded. After seeing previous storage maintenance costs balloon out of control after the first three to four years, customers expressed the need to improve performance, availability, and scalability in future storage investments so they could meet the demands of the business but still keep costs down.

Another significant cost consideration was downtime. Not one of the eight interviewed customers experienced any “unplanned downtime” when Forrester asked them about availability with their InfiniBox systems, compared to an average of 30 to 60 minutes of downtime annually with their previous storage solutions. According to a few of the customers interviewed, this downtime would cost them an average of $11,667 per minute, including the cost of unrecoverable business revenue (gross profits).

INFINIDAT | Less Maintenance & Burden on Storage Administrators

The interviewed customer organizations experienced the following benefits, which are not quantified for this study:

  • INFINIDAT’s smaller footprint contributed to a customer’s ability to defer expansions of three data centers by two to three years.
  • Customers highlighted the higher quality of support received from INFINIDAT with fewer maintenance interactions than previous storage systems.
  • Each customer commented on the improved quality of life afforded to storage administrators due to the simplicity and reliability of the INFINIDAT solutions.

Every company does their best to put forth a compelling story about why they have the superior solution with the unbeatable TCO. It says something more when the customers are the ones providing the data for an objective analysis using Forrester’s TEI model. Want to know more about where INFINIDAT customers are saving millions that they can put back into their business? See for yourself at our TEI landing page.

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