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Infinidat’s Impact on IT Infrastructure Cost Reductions

Recently, IDC, the premier global provider of market intelligence, conducted a detailed survey and analysis of enterprise end users in North America and Europe − IDC White Paper, sponsored by Infinidat, “The Business Value of Infinidat Storage,” * using the Infinidat InfiniBox® platform for their storage needs. Not only were the interviewees knowledgeable on the technical benefits of the InfiniBox platform, but they also had in-depth experience with the business benefits and economic impact of the InfiniBox platform on their enterprise infrastructure and IT cost base.

Based on its analysis, IDC created a sophisticated economic model that expresses the business value and cost savings of utilizing the InfiniBox platform. The outcome of this business value analysis is very compelling for any enterprise considering purchasing enterprise storage in these uncertain economic times. We are going to take a deeper dive into the analysis that IDC performed to highlight the business value that Infinidat creates for its customers. In this first of three blogs, we will explore how the InfiniBox platform can reduce IT infrastructure costs, a critical component to managing OPEX and the overall TCO of your storage investment.

Key Findings!
IDC quantified the value that study participants received at an average annual benefit of $1.29 million over five years (see Figure 1). IDC further calculated that adoption would yield benefits of $166,900 per PB of storage capacity.

(Figure 1 - Annual Average Benefits per Organization - IT infrastructure cost reductions highlighted)

In the IDC analysis, there are three main areas that made a huge impact on an organization’s business value. In this blog, we’ll focus on the first one − IT infrastructure cost reductions, which contributed almost 1/3 of the overall annual average benefits per organization, of $1.29M. (Figure 1) Enterprises in the study noted that they were cutting their infrastructure costs by nearly half because of Infinidat’s pricing model, which includes a “white glove” service, 24x7 support and maintenance for 3 years!

(Figure 2 - Storage Infrastructure Saving per PB, 5 years)

How is it possible for Infinidat to cost 48% less, compared to the competition?

There are two fundamental reasons:

  1. InfuzeOS™ powers Infinidat’s unique software-defined storage (SDS) architecture and drives all the capabilities, including performance, availability, cyber storage resilience, ease-of-use, and ultimately the economic benefits of our entire family of storage platforms − InfiniBox, InfiniBox™ SSA, and InfiniGuard®. As part of InfuzeOS is our comprehensive AIOps technology that autonomously automates.
  2. The InfiniBox storage platform is built on industry-standard, commodity components without the expense and time-consuming process of engineering and developing custom/proprietary hardware components. Additionally, with Infinidat’s multi-patented Neural Cache software technology, Infinidat has the lowest latency of any storage platform in the industry – critical for many workloads and especially for highly transactional workloads. With Neural Cache and our performance we can consolidate several competitive arrays onto much fewer InfiniBoxes, reducing OPEX costs as well as CAPEX. As new processors, I/O controllers, and memory evolve and provide greater capacity and performance, Infinidat can deploy this new technology faster, remain on the forefront of these technological advances, accelerate time-to-market, and bring the benefit of big cost savings to our customers.

Attractive value-for-cost
IDC evaluated and quantified a series of post-adoption operational impacts, including storage capacity. Customers who were interviewed indicated that the value-for-cost was attractive enough for them to buy more petabytes of storage that they could use to cover their business needs. Figure 3 quantifies these storage capacity benefits, showing that after adoption, 49% more petabytes of capacity were available to support business needs and future growth.

Since the cost was 48% less, the IT team could purchase more storage capacity at the outset, instead of having to go back to finance to add more capacity at a later date. Nobody wants to go back to finance asking to spend more money for something that was unplanned or unforeseen.

(Figure 3 - Storage Capacity Increase)

As one of the interviewees noted:

Organizations are challenged to modernize their IT storage infrastructure to ensure optimal availability and reliability for their business-critical applications while controlling costs. The InfiniBox platform is designed to help companies meet these challenges by providing high performance infused with high availability, cyber storage resilience, and innovative management features, all within an OPEX model that drives value for their organization.

Stay tuned for the next blog on the IDC Business Value whitepaper when we’ll take a closer look at how Infinidat drives IT staff productivity gains!

To read the full IDC report, click here.

*IDC White Paper, sponsored by Infinidat, “The Business Value of Infinidat Storage” (doc #US49976922, February 2023)

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Tim Dales is a Product Marketing Manager at Infinidat. Tim has over 30 years’ experience in the development, marketing and sales of IT infrastructures. A former Sr. Analyst at a storage analyst firm working with the Dell/EMC product team on APEX and creating launch collateral for Pure Storage. He has also held positions as an executive for networking vendor Solarflare, product marketing and sales for a CDP startup, MTI, and Emulex.