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Infinidat’s Storage Solution Pays for Itself in 11 Months and Delivers 162% ROI

A recent IDC White Paper, sponsored by Infinidat, “The Business Value of Infinidat Storage,” has found that the payback for an enterprise’s purchase of an Infinidat InfiniBox® hybrid solution is within 11 months, showing a rapid return on investment (ROI) on enterprise, cyber resilient storage for data infrastructure.

The research also revealed that the interviewed Infinidat customers realize significant additional value, with an average annual benefit of $1.29 million and a 162% ROI over five years. On average, enterprises cut their storage operations costs by nearly half by transitioning to Infinidat’s enterprise storage solution.

This research was conducted by IDC, a leading provider of global IT research and advice. It included in-depth interviews with seven existing Infinidat enterprise customers and applied a methodology to determine business value of IT infrastructure spending.

The market research explored the business value and business benefits for enterprises using InfiniBox hybrid systems for improving the efficiency of storage management, better supporting business operations, ensuring storage-related uptime, and achieving significant cost savings. The latter benefit of lower storage costs directly helps to overcome the cost challenges that have escalated for enterprises in updating the storage infrastructure, as data volumes have increased.

With an emphasis on the business value of storage, the IDC White Paper noted, “Infinidat offers a portfolio of enterprise-grade storage systems designed to cost-effectively address requirements for high performance, availability, and scalability at a time when companies are increasingly consolidating workloads and deploying demanding analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) applications as part of digital transformation initiatives.”

Both the hybrid InfiniBox and the all-flash InfiniBox™ SSA II run on a software-defined architecture – Infinidat’s InfuzeOS™, utilize Neural Cache deep learning algorithms for smart automation and performance, and leverage InfiniVerse® cloud-based AIOps tools to simplify storage administration. The InfiniBox hybrid system combines DRAM and flash caching layers on the frontend and high-capacity, cost-effective HDDs on the backend, optimized by Neural Cache algorithms. The use of HDDs lowers the cost of storage, while the InfiniBox still dramatically outperforms many competitors on average latency.

For organizations that require consistent sub-millisecond latency for every I/O, Infinidat offers the InfiniBox SSA II, an all-flash storage array with only 35 microseconds of latency, delivering powerful real-world application performance. At the same time, the InfiniBox SSA II is also lower cost than comparable all-flash systems, representing the new financial equation that disrupts the outdated economics of legacy all-flash storage implementations.

An Infinidat retail enterprise customer said in the interview for the IDC study:

“In reviewing next-generation offerings, we realized the cost was high compared to what we thought we could do if we went to an RF/I/RFP process. The Infinidat InfiniBox architecture was very interesting. We went through the RFP process, and Infinidat was one of the few that could demonstrate the ability to solve all our business needs. And they came in at a price point that was significantly lower than the competition, so it was a slam dunk.”

Economic Certainty, Revealed

In this new IDC White Paper: “IDC research shows that organizations plan to continue to invest in server, storage and network hardware despite the challenging economic climate.” This is being driven by digital transformation efforts to refresh and modernize the enterprise data infrastructure. Workload prioritization is a critically important priority.

Significant cost savings are an outcome of densely consolidating workloads, where the InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA II both excel. At one Infinidat Fortune 500 customer, the customer consolidated 24 competitive arrays from three different vendors onto four InfiniBox systems, and at a Fortune 500 telco, the Infinidat customer saved >$100M in CAPEX and OPEX.

These economically uncertain times do not seem to be stopping purchases of enterprise storage. For companies to emerge out of the economic uncertainty, they need to invest in digital technologies, which means they need more enterprise data storage that is extremely cost-effective while not sacrificing performance, cyber storage resilience, autonomous automation with incredible ease-of-use, and 100% availability – Infinidat’s forte.

At the same time, CIOs, CISOs, CTOs and other top leaders of enterprises are feeling the pressure of achieving a quick ROI on their IT investments. They need a more cost-effective, yet still very robust, infrastructure for more efficient storage management. They still need to ensure optimal availability and reliability for business-critical applications.

Another InfiniBox user, an EMEA enterprise customer who was interviewed in the IDC study, stated:

“The cost efficiency of this solution made it possible for us to actually buy large enough systems to fit the performance and capacity needs. We have a very complex internal billing structure, which means I have to track every single krona that we spend. And because this is basically just one big bucket of storage, and it’s very cost effective, we could buy large systems and just keep provisioning the business. We removed the complex business model. There are no tiers of storage. They just consume storage. The compression ratio and the capacity are so good that they don’t have to do much in the way of capacity planning.”

Customers are able to leverage our Capacity on Demand pricing and our cloud-like Storage-as-a-Service, while still getting all the benefits of data compression. Ultimately, InfiniBox offers a “value-for-cost” that is highly attractive, allowing enterprises and service providers to buy petabytes of storage to support their business needs.

Customers who were interviewed reported reducing storage OPEX by 48% after adopting InfiniBox. They also had, on average, 49% more petabytes available to support the business and future growth. Infinidat is living up to the reputation of making enterprise storage faster, better and cheaper.

Details are now available in the new IDC White Paper, sponsored by Infinidat, “The Business Value of Infinidat Storage” (doc #US49976922, February 2023)

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Eric Herzog is the Chief Marketing Officer at Infinidat. Prior to joining Infinidat, Herzog was CMO and VP of Global Storage Channels at IBM Storage Solutions. His executive leadership experience also includes: CMO and Senior VP of Alliances for all-flash storage provider Violin Memory, and Senior Vice President of Product Management and Product Marketing for EMC’s Enterprise & Mid-range Systems Division.