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Infinidat’s White Glove Service Defines the Customer Experience

Imagine as an enterprise customer or managed service provider or cloud hosting provider you can pick up the phone and immediately talk to a technical expert who knows the InfiniBox®, InfiniBox™ SSA and InfiniGuard® extremely well, knows the ins and outs of storage and cyber resilience, and already has a deep understanding of your storage implementation and data infrastructure.

This technical expert has already diagnosed your issue before you knew it and proactively dispatched a trusted solution to the problem, so it does not adversely affect you or your organization. They make sure that you, as a customer, get everything you need as rapidly, efficiently and thoroughly as possible. You can sleep well at night.

What value would you put on such “white glove service”? What would you think if you got this kind of proactive and personalized support, and you did not have to pay extra for it?

Infinidat delivers this comprehensive white glove service – at no additional cost. We start by directing every customer straight to L3 development support, which is the highest level of customer support in the industry. There are no stops along the way, much to the delight of customers. With every purchase of any Infinidat enterprise storage solution a Technical Advisor (TA) is assigned to serve as the experienced technical account consultant with full oversight to ensure customer success.

As part of Infinidat’s industry-leading “white glove service,” the TA is managing everything for the customer: whether it’s an escalation, or a warranty that is about to expire, or an application that needs more capacity, or any variety of actions that need to be taken. If you’re a customer, Infinidat is there for you. No other major storage vendor does what Infinidat does with such an extensive “white glove service.”

Infinidat had made a decision early on to prioritize customer success, and this is one more reason why our company has been growing in the Fortune 100 segment. Infinidat achieved more than 130% year-over-year growth in our company’s Fortune 100 customer base in 2021 and more than 25% of the Fortune 50 are Infinidat customers.

We pride ourselves on the agility that Infinidat demonstrates with our customer service and support. We respond to the evolving needs and requirements of our customers quickly and skillfully. The TA acts as the central point and customer-centric interface for a multidisciplinary team, including R&D, product management, engineering, sales, and customer support, to best serve the customer. Each customer knows that the full power of Infinidat is backing them at all times.

“InfiniBox, phone home”

In addition to the personalized support from a Technical Advisor, Infinidat’s platforms themselves contribute to the white glove service as well. All Infinidat solutions are proactive and have “call home” capabilities to fix themselves without bothering the customer. Infinidat enterprise solutions are self-healing.

If a component is failing, the system, which is in direct contact with the back office at Infinidat, will automatically work to fix the issue. In most of the times, there is no need for an on-site visit from a technician. Infinidat systems come with pre-installed spare parts and self-healing capabilities. Uniquely available and reliable from its triple redundant architecture, the system can experience “failure” of a part but have zero disruption to the availability of the data, application, and workload infrastructure. In fact, this could happen multiple times, yet with no downtime.

Competitors in the storage industry likely must send a technician on site to figure out and rectify the problem, like a 3-star hotel sending up a technician to a room after a long wait when a 5-star hotel with “white glove service” would ensure maximum customer satisfaction with an automatic, smooth elimination of the problem before the hotel guest even knows.

Since our main competitors have dual-redundant architectures, you can imagine how much more can go wrong – and some of you have experienced the downside of a storage system with only a dual-redundant approach. This is partially why the incumbents cannot provide the level of service that Infinidat does.

When it comes to customer support, Infinidat is in a class by itself at the high end of the enterprise market but not at a high-end price.

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About Moshe Rivel

Moshe Rivel is Senior Director of Tech Sales for EMEA & APJ at Infinidat. With more than 20 years experience in IT, Moshe is customer focused with vast experience working with US, European, Middle-Eastern and Indian customers.