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InfiniGuard Delivers the Next Generation of Modern Data Protection

In today’s digital world, modern IT organizations are required to constantly adapt in the face of new challenges and to deliver on an ever-growing demand for fast, reliable, and efficient services to meet business needs. Organizations that do not adjust according to the shift in market demands, can suddenly find themselves no longer relevant. While primary storage solutions have adapted to market changes, delivering faster, more reliable systems to meet the demand for 100% availability, mission critical performance, and economic efficiency, the backup storage market has not adapted as quickly.

Conceived in an era where meeting backup windows was the most critical design principle, traditional backup appliances were engineered to primarily provide high ingest rates by utilizing inline deduplication techniques. However, they fell short when it was time to run recovery operations due to the nature of deduplicated data and the rehydration process. Today, IT downtime is immediately and directly translated to loss of revenue and reputation and businesses find themselves needing a modern data protection solution that can deliver high availability, fast recovery times, and, of course, a trusted cyber resilience architecture.

In light of the continual cyberattacks, which few are in the public eye and most are kept private, the focus on cybercrime is increasing. Organizations need a comprehensive protection scheme that delivers on detection and prevention, but also provides a quick and effective recovery process in case the business finds itself being hit with a crippling cyberattack.

Infinidat addressed these issues with the introduction of InfiniGuard®. The InfiniGuard system delivers an enterprise purpose-built backup and recovery appliance that provides industry recognized leading backup and recovery performance, highest levels of storage efficiency with inline variable block size deduplication coupled with data compression, and high availability to meet the most demanding resiliency and uptime requirements.

By incorporating advanced primary storage-grade technology from InfiniBox into the InfiniGuard design, Infinidat has eliminated the inherent tradeoff between backup performance, data reduction, and recovery speed, which existed in the backup storage market for years. Where traditionally customers had to choose and could only fulfill 2 of the above parameters, InfiniGuard provides all 3 objectives, delivering on deduplication and backup speeds as traditional competitive backup appliances do, but also delivers on today’s most demanding SLAs for fast recovery times.

Furthermore, with the recent release of the next generation InfiniGuard system and software, we have doubled down on performance and incorporated an advanced cyber resilience scheme, InfiniSafe®, which provides immutable, virtually air gapped snapshots of backup datasets that can be mounted in a fenced/isolated network for testing and validation purposes coupled with nearly instantaneous recovery.

As part of the new enhancements on the enhanced InfiniGuard platform, Infinidat has increased the system performance from 74* terabytes per hour to up to 180* terabytes per hour. Not only can backup windows be reduced by as much as 50%, reducing the impact of backups on applications, primary storage, and primary servers, but this performance increase can also reduce the time it takes for remote replication, significantly improving RPO objectives. By leveraging the common architecture of InfiniBox® to optimize performance and source/target side data reduction processing, InfiniGuard offers unmatched speed and reliability in data backup and maximizes effective capacity for petabyte-scale environments.

When the business is faced with a crippling ransomware attack, InfiniSafe delivers on the need for fast recovery providing access to the last known good copy within 30 minutes. Additionally, InfiniGuard provides integration with a broad range of backup software vendors, supporting all the relevant industry standard protocols, including: NetBackup OST, Veeam, Commvault, IBM Spectrum Protect, Oracle RMAN, IBM DB2, SAP HANA, VTL and many more.

At the moment your business is faced with a decision on your next generation modern data protection and backup storage system without compromising on efficiency, broad ecosystem support, and economics, InfiniGuard is your choice: delivering the highest backup and recovery performance, highest availability, and advanced cyber resilience in a tightly honed solution.

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* Overall system performance with two DDEs in use, 90% DeDup rate.


About Guy Kariv

Guy is an industry veteran, with many years of experience in various disciplines of the IT industry, ranging from primary storage and data protection to applications, cyber security and cloud. As field CTO, EMEA, Guy is helping Infinidat’s  customers to transitions their storage infrastructure into modern, business driven, IT-as-a-Service operations , improving business agility while reducing operational overhead.