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InfiniGuard Enterprise-grade Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Strategies with No Trade-offs

In today’s world data has become the lifeblood of your company. However, this data is under constant threat not only from cyberattacks, but also from natural disasters, technical glitches, or human errors. All these issues cause serious damage to a business, whether it be financial, legal, or loss of reputation in the marketplace.

For this reason, disaster recovery and business continuity are critical topics in enterprise IT, as well as at the CEO level. Starting in the early days of IT with simple backups creating copies on discs and on tapes and the creation of remotely mirrored entire storage systems enterprises are familiar with attempts to protect their data. However, the ability to solve the issues of data protection and disaster recovery has evolved well beyond those nascent attempts at protecting data.

Early on Infinidat, as one of the leading companies in the enterprise storage system market, recognized that these antiquated technologies were not sufficient to deliver the needed levels of data protection, disaster recovery, and business continuity. To dramatically expand the needs of modern data protection, business continuity, and disaster recovery paradigms, Infinidat introduced InfiniGuard® in 2018. InfiniGuard is an enterprise, purpose-built backup and recovery appliance, with industry recognized backup and recovery performance and storage efficiency. InfiniGuard utilizes inline variable block size deduplication coupled with data compression, providing tremendous storage effectiveness. As with all enterprise-class systems, high availability is essential to meet the most demanding uptime requirements.

InfiniGuard helps companies address their most critical data protection and availability challenges in one solution, encompassing traditional backup and recovery, disaster recovery and integrated cyber resilience with our InfiniSafe® technologies.

With the latest release of InfiniGuard, Infinidat has substantially enhanced the InfiniGuard platform. Infinidat’s previous publicly announced performance was 74/TB/hour, but with this release the InfiniGuard performance has doubled - up to 180TB/hour*. This new level of performance dramatically improves both backup and restore speeds and remote replication speeds for disaster recovery.

Backup datasets and InfiniSafe immutable copies can and should be protected in the event of a disaster. InfiniGuard delivers extensive remote replication capabilities with near instantaneous recovery. By replicating remotely, your enterprise will have a duplicate or several duplicates of your datasets, depending on the configuration you select. InfiniGuard replication supports, one to one, one to many and many to one configurations. Replication is efficient and secure, optimizing time and bandwidth, all encrypted. All of this is easily configured and monitored in the InfiniGuard management console.

InfiniGuard replication uses AES-256bit encryption levels. Additionally, the backup datasets have been data reduced at the primary data center with the InfiniGuard Data Deduplication Engines (DDE). The DDEs check all backup data to determine if it can be deduplicated as well as compresses, delivering data reduction capabilities that give you up to 50PB’s** of effective capacity with your InfiniGuard solutions. Backup datasets can be selected to either replicate immediately or can be scheduled for specific times, giving you multiple flexibility to maximize remote RPO’s and RTO’s, as well as network replication bandwidth and speed.

InfiniGuard offers a modern data protection platform to help businesses address all their data protection, DR and cyber resilience needs. Disaster can strike at any time. To ensure all your data is protected. InfiniGuard’s remote replication technology is critical for continual business operations in the event of a disaster, technology glitch, or human error at the source data center. Cyber attacks are of some of the highest concern to company executives. Companies should ask themselves how they should counter cyber, ransomware and malware attacks in addition to the classic threat scenarios. Infinidat delivers with InfiniGuard, our purpose built backup and recovery appliance with InifiniSafe technologies.

Infinidat’s InfiniGuard provides the most comprehensive modern data protection architecture at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

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* Overall system performance with two DDEs in use, 90% DeDup rate
** Effective capacities. Actual results may vary.


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