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“Light Years Ahead of the Competition”: To Infinidat and Beyond…with Customer Feedback

Buzz Lightyear, eat your heart out! “To Infinidat, and beyond!” When the fictional Disney character in the Toy Story movies used his famous catch phrase about “To Infinity…” to talk about “limitless possibilities,” he could have been talking about the customer feedback about Infinidat’s InfiniBox® primary storage and InfiniGuard® modern data protection solutions on the Gartner Peer Insights™ website.

The passion that Infinidat’s enterprise customers communicate in anonymous reviews – validated as authentic by Gartner themselves – seems limitless. What I am about to share with you in this blog may go beyond anything you have ever known about Infinidat.

Case in point: a VP of Technology, responsible for infrastructure and operations at an enterprise organization in the Security and Investing industry, starts off his review of Infinidat on the Gartner site this way: “If you aren’t running Infinidat in your data center, you are wasting money on storage.” So, if you look into your data center and do not see an Infinidat solution, you now know what that means.

This executive goes on to write, “The product [InfiniBox] hits a phenomenal performance price point. You simply cannot get the same amount of USABLE storage with the level of performance at a price point anywhere near Infinidat. Couple that with the ease and administration, and the InfiniBox line is light years ahead of the competition. Overall, I cannot say enough good about Infinidat or the InfiniBox product line.”

This enterprise customer expresses how he was surprised how much we listened to him and his company. “When we approached Infinidat about an all flash array, their response was to sit us down with the Founder to discuss what our expectations would be…and less than a year later the All Flash InfiniBox went GA.”

He is, of course, talking about our latest platform that has already been named to several top storage products of the year lists and received continual storage industry analyst acclaim – the InfiniBox SSA II. It’s like the Ferrari of storage – high performance, sleek and game-changing, with the industry’s lowest latency. But it’s not just the platforms and solutions; our service and support are also where the magic happens for Infinidat customers.

“I’m most impressed by their support organization, which is top notch, and not just in their product,” wrote the VP of Technology, who publicly complements Infinidat for being “thorough to the point that if they detect anything anomalous in your in scope systems, whether it could impact the upgrade, all work stops until the problem is fully remediated.”

There is something relentless about Infinidat. The experts on our support teams go above and beyond.

“We had an issue that involved the SAN fabric, our backup vendor, our virtualization platform and multiple brands of arrays (before we started consolidating to InfiniBoxes). Every other vendor spent the entire time pointing fingers at each other, including at Infinidat,” the enterprise customer wrote on the Gartner portal. “Rather than participate in the blame game, they began ruling other platforms out, meaning they were open to their platform being the issue (although it wasn't).

“Once Infinidat narrowed it down to the fabric, Infinidat found the issue and validated it with the fabric vendor and proposed a fix that we implemented that night...and the problem has never resurfaced. Multiple vendors couldn't find the problem and had devolved into proving innocence. Infinidat kept digging even after they had found the external source and ultimately provided the fix for another vendor."

Once again: To Infinidat and beyond.

Another Infinidat customer, a manager at an enterprise company in the IT services industry, compared Infinidat’s InfiniBox solution to Apple’s iconic smartphone: “It’s like iPhone in a storage world.” Just as the iPhone changed the way everyone thinks about smartphones, Infinidat is changing the way enterprises and service providers think about storage.

This curious comment is rooted in the radical simplicity of the Infinidat solution, reminiscent of Steve Jobs’ brainchild. The customer adds further perspective on InfiniBox and the experience that Infinidat delivers to customers, "Amazing solution for those who want to save time and money. Comfortable buying model, pay as you grow."

This ease of use also extends to more complex virtual machine (VM) environments. One enterprise customer posted about Infinidat on the Gartner Peer Insights site: “How quickly you can be up and running in even the most complex VMware environments.” But this wasn’t the real punch. What came next eradicates all excuses for not using Infinidat.

He writes bluntly with the freedom to express any opinion – good, bad, or indifferent – within the comfort of Gartner-protected anonymity, “For VMware workloads, Infinidat is 100% of what 99% of people need 100% of the time.”

The customer likes the fact that you don’t have to compromise when you go with Infinidat. "When choosing storage systems, we all want high performance, fantastic resilience, ease of use and great value for money - normally you need to choose which two or three of these you need the most,” wrote the user. “With Infinidat, we had no compromises, we got all four!"

The “no compromise” approach also extends beyond our InfiniBox platform to our InfiniGuard modern data protection solution. A supervisor of infrastructure and operations at a $10+ billion insurance company wrote on the Gartner Peer Insights site that “InfiniGuard (Infinidat) backup appliance/array is a top tier device.” This customer sees the value of how InfiniGuard was built on top of the InfiniBox architecture.

"The intelligent nature of Infinidat's Storage arrays in general is transposed to the InfiniGuard product and as a result it is a highly reliable and easy-to-use product," wrote the supervisor at the insurance company.

An infrastructure engineer at a multi-dollar billion enterprise added to the sentiment about InfiniGuard with their post on the Gartner Peer Insight site, saying, “It’s a workhorse. Easy to use management interface. It really just works. There are hardly any issues but if there are, the technical support is fantastic."

Another user posted, “Infinidat definitely hit a homerun with InfiniGuard.”

It just really works. You thought you knew us for InfiniBox. Now, get to know us for the InfiniBox SSA II and InfiniGuard. To Infinidat, and beyond.

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About Eric Herzog

Eric Herzog is the Chief Marketing Officer at Infinidat. Prior to joining Infinidat, Herzog was CMO and VP of Global Storage Channels at IBM Storage Solutions. His executive leadership experience also includes: CMO and Senior VP of Alliances for all-flash storage provider Violin Memory, and Senior Vice President of Product Management and Product Marketing for EMC’s Enterprise & Mid-range Systems Division.