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Infinidat at AWS re:Invent – Time for a New Public Cloud Conversation

Infinidat at AWS re:Invent – Time for a New Public Cloud Conversation

INFINIDAT delivers storage solutions for some of the largest organizations in the world, with IT teams that often manage hundreds of petabytes of data or more. Almost all of those customers are thinking about the public cloud, exploring a whole spectrum of scenarios:

  • Replacing second- or third-site disaster recovery and data archive environments
  • Spinning up new workloads in public clouds
  • Completely replacing their data center infrastructure with public cloud services
  • Dangling the threat of public cloud transformation in front of their box vendors to get more competitive business models

Beyond direct IT impacts, the rise of the large-scale public cloud has also had massive impacts on many of our customers, changing their business models and their competitive landscapes. We have directly recognized and embraced the cloud revolution ourselves, as exemplified by our entrance into the public cloud storage services market with Neutrix Cloud®.

Our core technology is the INFINIDAT storage software, designed to scale, learn, and evolve. Customers can consume that software in a nice rack-scale package with the InfiniBox™, or as a backup-optimized solution with InfiniGuard®, or – most importantly from the public cloud perspective – as a pure OpEx storage service with Neutrix Cloud (no box required).

Data is at the heart of many of the challenges of public cloud usage, particularly for Tier 1 mission-critical applications. Public cloud users often talk to us about availability SLAs (or lack thereof), strategic ‘data gravity’ concerns, or even just the simple question of costs associated with data storage (especially when getting data ‘up’ or ‘down’ from their clouds). Neutrix Cloud provides our customers with great answers to those questions and many others, but more importantly, the service delivers a truly enterprise-grade foundation to drive maximum value for their public cloud strategy.

The public cloud market is real and ready for Tier 1 enterprise workloads, we have the right offering, and our clients are excited about what we have to offer for this space. The next natural step is to increase the awareness of our offering and engage in conversations with teams looking for cloud storage alternatives.

That’s why I’m excited to share that, for the first time, we’re a sponsor of AWS re:Invent 2018, occurring November 26-30 in Las Vegas. re:Invent is the largest public cloud conference by far, taking over most of the Las Vegas Strip with over 2,000 sessions and tens of thousands of attendees expected. We consider re:Invent as one of our major marketing events this year to engage with the public cloud community.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at our booth,  #1503, and showing you what Neutrix Cloud can do to unlock the potential of your public clouds. If you want to reserve time to speak with our Neutrix Cloud team at the show, contact us with #neutrix and we’ll be glad to set up a dedicated time to discuss the pros of our enterprise-grade cloud storage service and some exciting new features.

About Erik Kaulberg

Erik Kaulberg is a Vice President at Infinidat, leading cloud strategy, key alliance partnerships including VMware, and special projects. He has broad expertise in enterprise storage and frequently engages key customers, partners, and analysts. Erik previously ran worldwide enterprise storage strategy and business development for IBM, after he sold all-flash array innovator Texas Memory Systems to the company.