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Private Cloud Advantages for Enterprise Data Infrastructure

In order to compete and remain relevant in today’s era of agile, data-driven business, companies are leveraging digital capabilities to better serve their customers, accelerate new products and services to market, scale their operations, and improve their efficiency and profitability. As the growth and importance of data proliferates exponentially, the role of cloud infrastructure is at the forefront as the key enabler of this megatrend.

To meet the diverse and evolving range of technology and service needs of organizations, several different cloud computing models have evolved, including public, private and hybrid cloud architectures. As with most choices between alternative solutions in technology and architecture, there are both distinct and more nuanced tradeoffs when choosing between them.

Public clouds offer a range of choices in solutions and computing resources with elastic scalability and resource agility while eliminating the need for in-house expertise in provisioning and managing physical compute and storage infrastructure. Private clouds offer dedicated, secure infrastructure that can be flexibly tailored to unique requirements with precise administrative control and sovereignty over the resources. For many enterprises, a private cloud is the critical and essential cornerstone of their overall data infrastructure. Understanding why this is the case can give your organization an edge.

The many advantages of an enterprise private cloud model involve a combination of the following:

  • Operational Predictability – Critical SLA parameters, including low latency and high availability, can be optimized and guaranteed. Infrastructure costs are also more predictable and manageable, and can be flexibly tailored on a continuum between operating expense (OpEx) and capital expense (CapEx) structures.
  • Flexibility – Resources and capabilities can be limitlessly customized to meet specific and evolving business needs. In distributed and edge data center environments, resources can be placed in closer proximity to the sources of data, improving latency and reducing networking costs.
  • Control and Security – Resources are not shared with others, so higher levels of control, data placement, privacy, and application and data security are possible through private networks and identifiable physical assets. Private cloud infrastructure also provides the ability to definitively meet regulatory and compliance requirements, such as data sovereignty.
  • Risk Management – With private cloud resources, the movement of workloads suitable for public cloud services can be transitioned in steps, at a pace that manages risks and ensures business continuity. Private cloud resources can also include data protection infrastructure that supports immutable snapshots for very fast restore operations in the event of ransomware attacks.

As you consider the advantages and benefits of an enterprise private cloud, your choice of storage infrastructure is critical to enabling these key attributes and value propositions. The capabilities of the storage systems are the foundation for the performance, availability, economics, and security of the private cloud data infrastructure.

Infinidat was founded 10 years ago on a core premise to innovate and deliver enterprise data storage solutions with an unmatched combination of high availability, exceptional performance, and the lowest possible TCO at multi-petabyte scale. We are a leader in the enterprise primary storage market, recognized with the highest independent marks for customer satisfaction.

The InfiniBox® enterprise storage system delivers faster than all-flash performance, petabyte-scale capacity, and guaranteed reliability built for the most demanding workloads in enterprise data centers. With InfiniBox, enterprise IT organizations and cloud service providers are able to exceed their service level objectives while radically lowering the cost and complexity of their storage operations.

For our enterprise and cloud service provider customers, which include many on the Fortune 500 and Global 2000 lists, Infinidat is the private cloud primary storage platform of choice.

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About Phil Bullinger

Phil Bullinger is the CEO of Infinidat. His 30-year career in enterprise storage spans various engineering and business management roles. Before joining Infinidat, he was SVP and GM of the Data Center Business Unit for Western Digital. Prior to that, he was an SVP and GM at Dell EMC.