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ServiceNow Integrates with Infinidat to Provide Visibility into InfiniBox

We’re thrilled that ServiceNow® ITOM Visibility is now integrated with the Infinidat InfiniBox storage system. Organizations rely on InfiniBox storage to deliver faster-than-all-flash performance, 100% availability, and multi-petabyte scale to exceed their service level objectives for mixed application workloads. Organizations rely on ServiceNow’s ITOM Visibility solutions to gain visibility into their entire technology estate, enabling them to achieve a solid digital foundation (CMDB) for data-driven decision making across enterprise workflows. This integration extends ServiceNow’s out of the box Discovery capabilities to provide visibility into InfiniBox.

Joint customers can now use ServiceNow Discovery, a feature of ITOM Visibility, to discover all components of the InfiniBox Storage System and add them to the CMDB. Discovery automatically builds dependency relationships between the InfiniBox storage server, InfiniBox storage components, and host systems; thereby enabling an understanding of the dependencies InfiniBox storage has to an organization’s infrastructure and applications.

This level of visibility enables organizations to streamline a multitude of IT processes, including but not limited to increasing efficiencies and reducing risk when planning changes, pinpointing the root cause of outages with AIOps, understanding the impact of incidents / major incidents, and streamlining the buildout of disaster recovery plans.

“This integration expands AIOps capabilities for our joint customers, providing the foundation for better understanding and more proactive decision-making across their heterogeneous infrastructure stacks,” said Erik Kaulberg, Vice President at Infinidat. “Putting ServiceNow ITOM Visibility and InfiniBox together makes it much simpler for customers to manage and optimize the entire infrastructure for Tier 1 application environments.”

To further enhance visibility, joint customers can use ServiceNow Service Mapping to create a service aware CMDB, which adds business context to understand which services are powered by InfiniBox storage.

Imagine if you were planning a change to a storage volume and were easily able to understand how the business is impacted by that change. This would enable you to schedule the change accordingly to avoid potential outages and be able to notify the right people.

Additionally, customers who are migrating to InfiniBox storage can take advantage of automated Service Mapping capabilities to understand which services rely on the existing storage systems to increase accuracy of migration plans.

Read the Infinidat press release here.

The updated Discovery and Service Mapping patterns containing the Infinidat integration are available for download from the ServiceNow Store. Existing ServiceNow Discovery customers can install the latest Discovery and Service Mapping Patterns in their ServiceNow instance and begin discovering their InfiniBox storage today.

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