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Top 5 Webinars of the Past Year

To inform existing customers, educate future customers, and equip partners on how to optimize enterprise data infrastructure, Infinidat is continually providing you with webinars about enterprise storage, modern data protection, and cyber resilience. As we start 2022, we look back at the top 5 webinars of 2021 that you don’t want to miss.

They range from comprehensive online presentations about best-in-class enterprise storage and cyber resilient solutions, including InfiniBox®, to insightful information about VMware integration, replication technologies, and how to leverage AWS Outposts for your hybrid cloud environment. 

The following top 5 webinars provide you with an inside look at what is disrupting the status quo in the storage industry and driving real business and technical value.

1. InfiniBox SSA Webinar
Announced in June 2021, the InfiniBox SSA™ is a groundbreaking solid-state array that delivers ultra-low latency for the most demanding enterprise applications. In this webinar, Ken Steinhardt, Field CTO Americas at Infinidat, provides details of this storage solution that the publication CRN recently named as one of the “Ten Coolest SSD and Flash Storage Products 2021.”
The InfiniBox SSA takes the already groundbreaking real-world performance of the original InfiniBox to the next level, while providing the same acclaimed customer experience, 100% availability guarantee, and uncompromising reliability of the InfiniBox.
To watch it, click here.
2. InfiniBox for AWS Outposts Webinar
Bringing AWS hybrid cloud infrastructure and services into your datacenter is coupled with an opportunity to achieve maximum storage scale for your on-prem environments, with high performance, low latency and 100% availability. In this webinar, you’ll learn about the capabilities of InfiniBox and AWS Outposts. Speakers who provide technical content include Erik Kaulberg, VP Cloud Solutions at Infinidat; Alayna Broderson, Principal Partner Business Development Manager, Outposts, Amazon Web Services (AWS); and Guy Kariv, Field CTO EMEA at Infinidat.
You’ll also see a technical demo with a Kubernetes workload migrating among different environments, including on-prem, on-prem with Outposts and within the AWS cloud.
To watch it, click here.
3. Bringing Cloudy Thinking Back to Earth Webinar
Modernizing your storage without the typical cloudy compromises related to performance, reliability and cost is a significant challenge. It takes cultivating a perspective around “the art of the possible” and mapping out a variety of financial and technical considerations at every step. 

In this online educational session, conducted by Erik Kaulberg, VP Cloud Solutions at Infinidat, you’ll learn how to maximize your resources while evolving your business along the lines of digital transformation. You’ll get an inside look at cloud capabilities and business models that can simplify and accelerate your efforts. 
To watch it, click here.
4. Under the Hood with Infinidat: Replication Technologies
In this educational webinar, Infinidat’s Field CTO for EMEA, Guy Kariv, provides information about Infinidat’s replication technologies, including how they are related and how you can quickly and easily switch between them.
He explains companies achieve and exceed their SLAs with Infinidat. You’ll also learn how to take data availability to the next level using Infinidat’s Active/Active replication. This webinar includes a demonstration of Active/Active with Hyper-V.
To watch it, click here.
5. Under the Hood with Infinidat: VMware Integration
This webinar demonstrates Infinidat’s latest integration with VMware. Watch this demo-driven session, hosted by Gil Nadel, Senior Director of Product Management, to see how InfiniBox seamlessly integrates with vVols simplifying management even more, improves integration with VMware tools, and provides a greater level of granularity.

To watch it, click here.
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