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Veeam Integration with Infinidat Strikes with Lightning-fast Recovery

A key part of an enterprise data protection strategy is recovery, which is now more important than ever, given the exponential increase in cyberattacks and the ever-widening threat landscape. As one of Veeam’s strategic technology partners, Infinidat has carved out a uniquely strong position in the Veeam integration ecosystem to advance data protection not only in disaster recovery, but also across cyber recovery.

Infinidat’s InfiniGuard® and InfiniBox® systems are key foundational elements in providing a Veeam backup environment with lightning-fast recovery of an entire Veeam backup repository, regardless of size. That means your backup system, as a whole, has additional levels of protection for recoverability that stem from system errors, disaster recovery, and cyber resilience provided by Infinidat’s InfiniSafe® Technology.

In a live demo of our InfiniSafe capabilities earlier this year, we demonstrated the recovery of a Veeam back-up repository in only 12 minutes and 15 seconds. This backup repository was 1.5PB in size, and it could have been even larger − and resulting time is the same. How big is that! Going from the industry norm of hours down to minutes! Let me be clear: No other vendor can show Veeam dataset recovery in 12 minutes. Period. Not only does this address the hyper-speed of business and real-time systems, but it also changes the game for building cyber resilience into your data infrastructure.

Well-respected storage industry analyst, Christophe Bertrand, Practice Director for data protection, data management and analytics at ESG, has affirmed the importance and speed of recovery, as well as the need for the data to be accessible and free of malware and ransomware, so that infected data is not inadvertently recovered:

Infinidat and Veeam protect your most critical asset – your data – and ensure business continuity. Veeam is a leader in modern data management and protection capabilities for enterprises in a single platform for modernizing backup, accelerating hybrid cloud, and securing data. At Infinidat, we’ve worked diligently to establish our leadership position in cyber recovery capabilities and to extend our cyber resilient storage solutions, leveraging Veeam integration to add value to Veeam data management customers.

It’s a matter of achieving fast and reliable backup with a minimal impact on production by leveraging snapshot integration and integrated backup proxies. Snapshots dramatically reduce Recovery Time Objective (RTO), allowing the recovery operation to be completed in minutes. Snapshot integration enables a very tight backup schedule with potentially hundreds of recovery points each day, minimizing Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

Primary and Secondary Storage

InfiniBox and InfiniGuard technologies deliver data storage solutions with high availability, exceptional performance for both backup and recovery, and the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO) at multi-petabyte scale. By leveraging Infinidat data storage solutions and Veeam® Software, businesses achieve a comprehensive data management solution that:

  • Increases reliability and performance
  • Is simple to manage
  • Scales to meet your future needs
  • Is modern, efficient and cost-effective

InfiniBox provides unprecedented value for modern enterprise storage. Available in multiple configurations and in various consumption models, InfiniBox enables customers to acquire, store and analyze the most data to achieve a competitive advantage. You can have snapshot integration with InfiniBox to orchestrate backups as often as needed with no performance impact.

Built on the same architecture as the InfiniBox, InfiniGuard adds inline and variable block deduplication and provides fast and reliable backup and restore at scale. It essentially ensures that the data is always there when it is needed. Veeam customers can leverage the deep InfiniGuard-Veeam integration and use the InfiniGuard built-in Veeam proxy to eliminate the inefficiencies most legacy solutions suffer. The result? Achieve better backup and recovery performance.

Our secondary storage solution – InfiniGuard – with variable block size deduplication enables retaining multiple backups to meet an enterprise’s backup policy. At the same time, it reduces the required storage capacity and leverages economy-of-scale to provide a significantly better TCO.

Remember this: together, Infinidat and Veeam provide comprehensive data protection across your primary and secondary storage platforms. Cyber recovery is nearly instantaneous. You can reliably backup any workload, achieve shorter backup times, and reduce operational costs. This is a winning combination.

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