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"Infinidat (Eric Herzog, CMO)
Launch of InfiniBox SSA II
In April 2022, Infinidat unveiled the InfiniBox SSA II, the second gen solid state array in the company’s portfolio of storage and cyber resilient solutions. Delivering 35μs of latency, it is the industry’s fastest all-flash storage arrays with lower latency compared to comparable systems – according to several storage industry analysts. This enterprise storage solution is well-suited where the highest levels of performance, reliability and availability, extensive cyber storage resilience, and cost-effectiveness are required for the most demanding applications and workloads."

The rise of vendor guarantee programs is increasing, but if customers are going to use them to help make an enterprise storage purchase decision, it is important to really understand which program facets offer differentiating value and which are just baseline capabilities available from most vendors.

It’s that time of year again for Infinidat to share our storage market trend predictions for the new year. Based on our experience as an enterprise storage solution provider to Fortune 500 companies as well as cloud service providers, managed service providers and managed hosting providers, we have identified the following five trends for 2023.

Everyone agrees that partner incentives are a good thing. There’s nothing like an additional reward – financial or otherwise – to help spur partners to work harder for their vendors. But what makes them good?

Storage administrators continue to seek the “inside scoop” of how to make enterprise storage greener, faster, and bigger, while reducing costs (CAPEX and OPEX). It has been an ongoing challenge for tens of thousands of mid-size and large organizations around the world to manage capacity growth and application requirements, improve return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO), and meet the requirements of green IT to reduce data center footprints, energy consumption and carbon emissions.