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Infinidat has been providing multi-cloud compatibility with hyper-scale since their inception. They promise the highest availability SLA in public cloud environments today... five nines backed by a hundred percent available architecture. Learn more in this short video with Erik Kaulberg, VP of Infinidat.

Every business would do well to follow the Scout Motto when it comes to data’s disaster backup and recovery. Preparedness is essential in a computing environment where it is “when,” not “if,” disaster occurs. But no matter how much money is thrown at data protection, bad guys and bad weather alike can strike without warning.

Now is the time for companies to ensure their data is compliant with the Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act. Although, South African businesses have been slow on the uptake when preparing for PoPI, intelligent data management can greatly simplify this mammoth task. Wavering is no longer an option and despite the lengthy process to publish the final regulations, the next step is to establish a deadline. Thereafter, organisations will have a grace period of only one year to comply and avoid heavy fines of up to 10 million rand and other dire consequences such as imprisonment.

Coupling diverse applications with appropriate storage can be a drama-filled matchmaking game. There’s always a better, faster storage product debuting to tempt customers away from the tried and true. But the performance of all-flash or cloud storage may not justify the cost for some apps. How can companies get their storage straight for legacy and modern apps in hybrid and multicloud environments?

Eran Brown was promoted and appointed to the role of EMEA CTO at INFINIDAT in early 2018. In this new role, Brown serves as a "voice of the customer" within INFINIDAT, enabling the company to gain a deeper understanding of the unique needs and challenges of the company's EMEA customers. Brown comes to this role with over 12 years of storage experience. Previously, he served as a Senior Product Manager at INFINIDAT for the last four years, and before coming to INFINIDAT, worked as a Pre-Sales Engineer for NetApp for 8 years, where he covered multiple verticals and territories.

Hayden Sadler, Country Manager for Infinidat South Africa.Infinidat, a multi-petabyte data storage solutions company, recently announced that its cryptographic module for the InfiniBox and InfiniGuard has been awarded Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 validation. This designation validates Infinidats cryptographic technologies which certify Infinidat data storage and backup systems for use in a defined set of government and regulated industries IT projects.FIPS 140-2 validation is a requirement for any product that implements a cryptographic module that processes sensitive information and is used within the federal government.