Media Mentions

The Covid-19 epidemic has found our world smart and progressive, ready more than ever to deal with an epidemic, but unfortunately, not enough to prevent its eruption on a global scale.

Imagine a hospital with such a cloud infrastructure beginning to explore the COVID-19, and the ability to accelerate research processes, and routinely, 365 days a year utilize this infrastructure to advance the next generation of medicine.

Doc D’Errico, VP, Office of the CTO, identifies challenges and opportunities for healthcare organizations in storing and managing data to open up new fields of research, adopt new approaches to disease treatment, and pursue new strategies for the overall improvement of public health.

Data storage providers need to start delivering the ‘public cloud experience’ by ensuring that fast, reliable data storage is provided via private cloud solutions.

Businesses are under pressure to deliver better customer experiences and increased revenue while decreasing costs, which results in shrinking IT budgets. This is compounded by the need to store ever-increasing volumes of data to deliver these services.