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In order to increase storage capacity and operational efficiency of its mission-critical applications, TriCore Solutions, a provider of cloud and managed application services, implements INFINIDAT’s petabyte scale enterprise array termed InfiniBox. The process of allocating storage space in storage area network (SAN) server within a networked computing environment has been a tedious process for Tricore storage engineers. By automating storage provisioning for TriCore, InfiniBox makes the process significantly faster and saves valuable time. TriCore is using InfiniBox to run its customer’s mission-critical systems including Oracle EBS and PeopleSoft, and Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. The Operating systems running on InfiniBox include Linux, Windows, AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris, and the virtual environments include VMware and Oracle VM.

In this episode I’m with Brian Carmody (INFINIDAT’s CTO) and we talk about: – INFINIDAT and its mission - Architecture of the product – What we can expect from INFINIDAT in the next months. I met (and wrote about) INFINIDAT many times last year but, if you want to have a clear idea of what they do and how, the first resource to look for is the video recorded during #SFD8. In this video Brian goes very deep with details about architecture and technology developed by this startup!

INFINIDAT Ltd, announced a partnership with Commvault Systems, Inc. to integrate Commvault’s IntelliSnap technology with the its InfiniBox enterprise storage array. The partnership addresses the needs of the companies’ shared clients to ensure the availability of their most critical asset – their data. Integrating IntelliSnap with InfiniBox enables clients to centrally manage an unlimited number of snapshots without any performance impact to the production environment. As part of the integration, IntelliSnap is supporting InfiniBox’s snapshot capability through its next generation software portfolio and open data platform. The companies point to the most recent Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Disk Based Backup and Recovery, which states: “By 2018, 40% of organizations will augment traditional backup and recovery with additional products or replace their current backup application.”

With the growing importance of “data” in the corporate world, the need for tools that seamlessly simplify the process of managing, integrating and analyzing data across various levels in an enterprise has also risen. In order to ensure constant availability of data for enterprises, INFINIDAT, provider of data storage solutions, joins hands with Commonvault, provider of enterprise data protection solutions, integrating INFINIDAT’s InfiniBox with Commonvault’s IntelliSnap. INFINIDAT’s InfiniBox offers high performance enterprise storage that eliminates issues of performance and scalability to boost business operations. It features high performance double parity RAID with an end to end data verification process, RESTful API for automation and an HTML-5 based GUI. It is designed for modern workloads by delivering SAN and NAS in a single platform. Moreover, it integrates with OpenStack and VMware shortening lengthy storage management tasks.

INFINIDAT Ltd announced a technology alliance with Brocade Communication Systems, Inc. that includes INFINIDAT selling Brocade FC SAN and IP networking products as part of an InfiniBox enterprise storage solution and the integration of key storage and networking technologies that will enhance enterprise storage deployments. The two companies will also jointly develop and test storage solutions to help customers reduce the risks, costs, and complexities of deploying new storage while ensuring predictable performance and availability. As part of this alliance, INFINIDAT has developed Soft Targets, a feature that decouples the logical and physical networking ports, allowing them to failover when the port becomes unavailable (e.g. planned maintenance, port / node failure). As a result, applications will not lose their data path while storage teams perform maintenance or when a port fails. Brocade ClearLink Diagnostics is an example of a capability that can be enhanced by INFINIDAT Soft Targets to ensure signal integrity for additional reliability and uninterrupted access to storage arrays.

With the growing needs of organizations, need for high performance storage systems have also raised. And ensuring high performance and reliability for these storage systems on a connected network is being a major problem for the organizations. Addressing a solution for this issue, INFINIDAT announces its technology alliance with Brocade to deliver enterprises with simple, reliable and scalable data storage solution. This integration serves the customers with reduced deployment complexities, risks and costs of the storage while on other side ensuring predictable performance and availability as well. As the part of collaboration, INFINIDAT can sell Brocade Fibre Channel SAN and IP networking products as part of an InfiniBox enterprise data storage solution for enhancing the enterprise storage deployments. The combination of storage and networking technologies ensure enterprises with data availability from server to storage without compromising high performance.

Upstart big iron storage array supplier INFINIDAT is going to resell Brocade Fibre Channel and IP networking gear to hook up its InfiniBox arrays to servers. InfiniBox arrays compete with EMC, HPE, Hitachi and IBM monolithic arrays and represent the first new monolithic array design for decades by the master of array re-invention, Moshe Yanai.
By selling FC and IP networking gear, INFINIDAT will try to simplify the buying process for its customers. INFINIDAT has developed Soft Targets to decouple logical from physical networking ports, allowing failover when a physical port becomes unavailable due to port or node failure, or planned maintenance. That’ll help increase its system’s availability.

INFINIDAT, Ltd, a provider of enterprise storage solutions, announces that INetU, Inc., a managed cloud hosting and security services provider headquartered in Allentown, PA, has installed the InfiniBox enterprise storage solution to provide its customers with a more scalable, flexible system for managing their most important asset, their data. INetU offers SAN infrastructure to private cloud customers in order to meet their demanding performance needs. In an expansion of that offering, INetU has teamed with INFINIDAT to provide a shared SAN option that features a lower price point, faster provisioning and more flexibility to meet customers’ ever-changing storage needs. “As a managed cloud service provider, we wanted to be able to offer our customers a high performance shared SAN solution that can be quickly provisioned,” said Andrew Hodes, CTO, INetU.

INFINIDAT’s product is called Infinibox. It’s a monolithic storage system, or could even be called next generation monolithic, and competes against EMC VMAX, HDS VSP or 3PAR 10K. It’s not all-flash. It’s hybrid, with lots of RAM and flash at the front-end and big 7200 RPM disks at the back-end, bringing a total usable capacity of 2PB per rack. The product is designed to be resilient, and everything is N+1 (for example it has a particular three-controller configuration, unusual but very effective). The first time I saw INFINIDAT’s Infinibox I thought about XIV; the two products have some design similarities, and, as far as I know, many engineers followed INFINIDAT founder Moshe Yanai in this new venture when he left IBM after disputes about the development of XIV.

I’ve had the chance to talk to INFINIDAT many times in the last six months, however, Storage Field Day 8 served best to understand its technology. Enterprise storage DNA. I won’t go deep into talking about INFINIDAT as a company, you can find all the info you need on their website… but there are a few important things to mention. Its founder is Moshe Yanai, the inventor of Symmetrix as well as many other storage systems and technology, a sort of legend in the storage industry. The company is incredibly well funded, I’m sure that just having a company with such a founder attracts money. But what struck me since the first meeting we had is the fact that they have a lot of enterprise customers already and are selling like mad (I think the last press release talks about a 61% increase in revenues in the last Q, with massive international growth).