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InfiniGuard from Waltham, Mass.-based Infinidat is an application-aware business continuity offering that provides effective capacity of over 20 PB with fast restores. InfiniGuard combines the technology and features of its InfiniBox appliance with industry-hardened deduplication technology. InfiniGuard is powered by the same Neural Cache software architecture that powers InfiniBox to help boost restore performance and deliver high-performance reliability, availability, and service expected for data protection and business continuity.

The rapidly increasing number of businesses storing data in the virtual space has propelled a revolution in backup and recovery. While nearly every enterprise is embracing modernization, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. In order to help every customer find their right-sized data storage strategy, Infinidat Inc. takes a collaborative, adaptable approach to business, according to Brian Carmody (pictured, left), chief technology officer of Infinidat Inc.

Add Infinidat Inc. to the collection of storage companies pivoting toward data protection. Rather than viewing their storage legacy as baggage, the company says it provides a wrought iron foundation for its end-to-end data backup and protection services. Infinidat designed its architecture for mixed flash and non-flash workloads (with speeds actually beating all-flash) from the beginning. It has integrated its storage architecture with software from backup and protection from companies like Veeam Software Inc. and Veritas Technologies LLC. For example, its InfiniBox storage array is integrated with backup apps from Veeam and Commvault Systems Inc. for super-fast snapshots and deduplication in a simple, end-to-end solution, according to Neville Yates (pictured, right), senior director of data protection solutions at Infinidat.

Now that we have Commvault Version 11 and the blazing fast INFINIDAT infrastructure in place, the issues we experienced with our old infrastructure have disappeared. Backup windows have shrunk dramatically. Restore times are faster. We are even seeing benefits we did not expect. For example, data deduplication is much more effective, allowing us to get more “bang for our buck” from our storage hardware. Overall, the improved performance and capacity have made our backup activities very, very boring – just how I like it.

We attended a SFD16 session at Infinidat‘s offices in Waltham, MA a couple of weeks ago. The session was led off by Doc D’Errico (@docderrico) but CTO, Brian Carmody (@initzero) did most of the talking and Erik Kaulberg (@ekaulberg) discussed some of their new products. I have known Doc, Erik and Brian for years and all of them are industry heavyweights, having worked at major and startup storage companies for decades.

FLASH STORAGE HAS EMERGED AS A KEY TECHNOLOGY TO HELP BUSINESSES enhance performance, optimize efficiency, and support analytics projects. It’s also prohibitively expensive at scale. Fast-growing storage company INFINIDAT is changing that by leveraging machine-learning technology to significantly reduce the cost of petabyte scale flash storage, making it affordable to many.

INFINIDAT, a well-funded storage startup with a positive cashflow and a growing position at the high end of the storage market, is here this week at the VeeamON event – the first time they have attended. They are fresh off the March announcement of a product integration with Veeam, their first work together. After several years of being a single product company, they now have a suite of offerings, which they are presenting to Veeam customers and partners at the event. They are also trying to interest more of Veeam’s top partners in working with them, in order to expand their value channel.