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FLASH STORAGE HAS EMERGED AS A KEY TECHNOLOGY TO HELP BUSINESSES enhance performance, optimize efficiency, and support analytics projects. It’s also prohibitively expensive at scale. Fast-growing storage company INFINIDAT is changing that by leveraging machine-learning technology to significantly reduce the cost of petabyte scale flash storage, making it affordable to many.

INFINIDAT, a well-funded storage startup with a positive cashflow and a growing position at the high end of the storage market, is here this week at the VeeamON event – the first time they have attended. They are fresh off the March announcement of a product integration with Veeam, their first work together. After several years of being a single product company, they now have a suite of offerings, which they are presenting to Veeam customers and partners at the event. They are also trying to interest more of Veeam’s top partners in working with them, in order to expand their value channel.

This week, Petri is at VeeamOn in Chicago and while at the show, we are talking with companies throughout the enterprise industry about how their software and services can help you secure, backup, and make sure that your environment is always available. On this episode of the Petri Dish, we are talking to Infinidat about how their unique solution works with the largest of enterprise customers and how it helps you store more but pay less without sacrificing performance.

Public cloud services are undoubtedly the fastest way for any individual or organization to get compute and storage resources in a pinch. No need to handle infrastructure capacity, you get what you need, and get it now. However, consuming services instead of being the infrastructure services provider creates new challenges. As the saying goes, with cloud it’s cheap to fail but expensive to succeed.

When operating at petabyte scale on the primary storage layer, there is a reasonable expectation (unless datasets are ephemeral) that our primary data will need to be backed up and held for a certain amount of time. If we enter the troubled waters of regulated industries, data storage requirements usually include long-term data storage (usually ranging from 5 to 10 years for the most sensitive data assets). Organizations who neglect these regulatory requirements have a Sword of Damocles hanging over them, whose blade can invoke hefty fines or even the loss of operating licenses in the most serious cases. Luckier organizations may not be regulated, but they nevertheless have a responsibility to protect their data – if not for the sake of regulations, at the very least to ensure the continuity of their business operations.

INFINIDAT introduced four new products aimed at enterprises seeking to accelerate digital transformation and drive cost out of their IT infrastructure. InfiniSync is a 450 pound, ballistically hardened data bunker appliance that is the world’s first solution for zero RPO synchronous data mirroring over virtually infinite distance, with zero latency impact.

Infinidat launches InfiniSync “black box” as off-site storage on-site, plus new InfiniBox PB-scale array, cloud storage service Neutrix Cloud and InfiniGuard backup appliance. Large-capacity hybrid flash array maker Infinidat has launched a new category of backup hardware, the InfiniSync – an aircraft-style black box that acts like an off-site backup location but is on-site.