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iBASIS Turns to Infinidat to Upgrade Overall Storage Performance

Waltham, Mass.
July 16, 2019

Infinidat, the market’s leading provider of multi-petabyte data storage solutions, today announced that iBASIS, the third largest wholesale voice operator in the U.S., has purchased next-generation Infinidat technology to solve performance-related challenges involving a pair of key internal applications. Working with Mainline Information Systems, a well-known Infinidat channel partner, to define its current and future needs, iBASIS deployed a pair of InfiniBox storage systems to facilitate a move to an upgraded call-routing application and provide storage capacity for the company’s expansion into the IoT market.

iBASIS provides voice, mobile data, and IoT services for the world’s largest telecommunications providers. As part of a mission-critical update to its infrastructure, iBASIS replaced a pair of legacy storage arrays with InfiniBox storage systems in its Rotterdam office and its corporate headquarters in Lexington, Mass. The old storage arrays were running out of capacity, causing performance problems and curtailing an important business expansion. With InfiniBox, iBASIS can improve storage performance and reliability while lowering storage-related costs.

“Infinidat’s storage has eased the strain on our systems, allowing us to provide better service to our customers,” said Mano Haran, Senior Director of IT at iBASIS. “With greatly improved response times, and the simplicity of the operation of the system, we have been able to deploy our staff resources to more productive IT activities.”

The Rotterdam upgrade replaced a storage array that was installed in 2014 to serve a single instance of an Oracle database. Over time, iBASIS added other virtual machines and applications, putting more strain on the storage system. In mid-2017, iBASIS deployed a “Dynamic Routing” application to enable real-time call routing. The company started migrating traffic from its legacy Ericsson switches to the new virtual switches as part of the Dynamic Routing implementation. In September 2018, iBASIS started experiencing performance problems and halted that migration. The performance issues were causing latency in the response time. This led to signal/broadcast storms, which resulted in failed calls, dropped calls, and poor call quality.

To improve its service to customers and bolster storage performance, iBASIS deployed an InfiniBox storage system that immediately cut response times by 10X, from 5ms to 0.5ms, eliminated poor connectivity issues, and restored expected service levels. With the new InfiniBox installed, the improved throughput allowed iBASIS to continue with its Rotterdam migration off Ericsson switches, which is expected to conclude by mid-2019.

iBASIS is now upgrading to an InfiniBox platform at its corporate headquarters to support its continued expansion into the IoT market. InfiniBox's faster-than-all-flash performance, PB scale, ease of use, and disruptive economics are enabling iBASIS to exceed their service-level objectives while radically lowering the cost and complexity of their storage operations.

“The InfiniBox platform provides incredibly fast performance, availability, and economics on a petabyte scale, helping customers like iBASIS tackle mission-critical, demanding workloads,” said Bob Elliott, VP of Storage Sales at Mainline Information Systems. “As iBASIS expands into the IoT market, they will be well positioned with InfiniBox to facilitate the anticipated growth.” 

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