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INFINIDAT Challenges All-Flash Array Performance

Waltham, Mass.
May 2, 2017

INFINIDAT Challenges All-Flash Array Performance in Real-World Workloads

INFINIDAT is Offering a $10,000 Donation for Every Enterprise that Completes the Challenge

INFINIDAT, the market’s leading independent provider of  petabyte-scale enterprise-class data storage solutions, today announced its “Faster Than All-Flash Challenge,” inviting enterprises to test their all-flash storage systems against the performance of the company’s flagship storage solution, InfiniBox™. Customers who choose InfiniBox often state that all-flash-arrays (AFAs) have failed to meet the fundamental promise of providing superior application performance across all workloads. The “Faster Than All-Flash Challenge” aims to prove that InfiniBox can outperform AFAs in any real-world application workload. As part of the challenge, INFINIDAT will make a substantial charitable contribution to The American Cancer Society if InfiniBox is proven to have superior performance; if not, the company will donate to a charity of the participating organization’s choice.

“In recent years we’ve seen a number of storage start-ups, and established incumbents alike, grasping for relevance by launching aggressive, well-funded marketing campaigns that present flash media as a silver bullet for the data center. Admittedly, they’ve done a remarkable job of propagating this mythology,” said Brian Carmody, Chief Technology Officer at INFINIDAT. “This challenge is about more than putting an end to the false narrative of ‘all-flash for all workloads,’ it’s about showing organizations that they needn’t compromise between cost, capacity, reliability and performance. Enterprises can have it all with the InfiniBox, and we’re prepared to prove it.”

INFINIDAT has already tested its InfiniBox against comparable systems from industry-leading AFA vendors––resulting in markedly higher application performance from the InfiniBox. The “Faster Than All-Flash Challenge” will allow enterprises to test this for themselves in their own data centers and experience the superior performance that INFINIDAT provides.

When utilized as a targeted solution for individual workload improvements, flash media can provide tremendous value to the modern data center, yet that value is ultimately wasted when unaccompanied by innovations to the system architecture. This is the case with currently available AFAs, which simply rely on placing faster media (flash) behind outdated, legacy front-end architectures as a means of boosting performance. Recognizing that any media-reliant storage solution would fail to meet the real-world performance requirements of today’s enterprises, INFINIDAT developed an innovative storage software architecture with the adaptability and flexibility to optimize the performance of any media type––present and future.

What people are saying

“As a cloud service provider, we have a multi-tenant environment and need the high level of performance at scale that InfiniBox delivers in order to stay ahead of our customers’ needs”, said Dan Hamilton Vice President of Technology at Whipcord.

“We were seeing lower write latency than the all-flash array we use for our VDI. Whatever we put on the InfiniBox, I know that write latency is pretty much non-existent”, said Joe McVicker, Senior Storage Administrator at healthcare provider HMSA.

“Innovators like INFINIDAT demonstrate that architectures still matter, and that all-flash is not the only way to deliver the performance needed to serve enterprise-class apps”, said Dave Vellante, Co-Founder & Chief Analyst at Wikibon.

How it works

As participants in the “Faster Than All-Flash Challenge,” organizations may test drive the InfiniBox via a try & buy agreement during which INFINIDAT guarantees the system will outperform the organization’s pre-existing storage system using a real-world workload. If InfiniBox delivers superior performance per the terms and conditions, INFINIDAT will donate $10,000 USD to The American Cancer Society in the participating organization’s name; if not INFINIDAT will instead donate $10,000 USD to a charity of the organization’s choice.

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