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Infinidat Provides Superior Business Value for Enterprise Data Storage, Delivers Positive ROI In 11 Months

Waltham, Mass.
March 21, 2023

Infinidat, a leading provider of enterprise storage solutions, today announced it has quantified the financial benefits that Infinidat’s enterprise customers gain with a strong return on investment (ROI) and faster-than-expected payback on the purchase of the InfiniBox® platform. Infinidat is fundamentally changing the economics of enterprise storage, creating significant business value for organizations with large capacity storage needs.

Cost challenges have escalated for enterprises in updating their storage infrastructure, as their data volume increases. However, enterprises that purchase an Infinidat hybrid storage solution benefit from an ROI of only 11 months, essentially setting into motion for the InfiniBox to rapidly pay for itself.

“Given the current challenges of the global economy and with enterprise IT spending under more scrutiny to deliver greater business value, Infinidat’s platforms are the right storage solutions at the right time to balance CAPEX and OPEX costs, performance and business operations,” said Eric Herzog, CMO, Infinidat. “As enterprises modernize their storage infrastructure and consolidate workloads, IT decision-makers can obtain rapid payback and a compelling ROI with the adoption and expanded use of Infinidat’s enterprise storage solutions, while, as importantly as ever, ensuring high performance, 100% availability, scalability and cyber resilience.”

The InfiniBox hybrid system combines DRAM and flash caching layers on the frontend and high-capacity, cost-effective HDDs on the backend, optimized by Neural Cache algorithms. The use of HDDs lowers the cost of storage, while the InfiniBox still outperforms competitors on average latency.

For organizations that require consistent sub-millisecond latency for every I/O, Infinidat offers the InfiniBox™ SSA II, which is the industry’s fastest all-flash storage array with 35 microseconds of latency that drives unmatched real-world application performance. At the same time, the InfiniBox SSA II is designed to help enterprises lower CAPEX and OPEX for solid state storage, representing the new financial equation that disrupts the outdated economics of legacy all-flash storage implementations.

“Slam Dunk” for Lowering CAPEX and OPEX

“In reviewing next-generation offerings, we realized the cost was high compared to what we thought we could do if we went to an RF/I/RFP process. The Infinidat InfiniBox architecture was very interesting,” an Infinidat retail customer said in an interview with IDC. “We went through the RFP process, and Infinidat was one of the few that could demonstrate the ability to solve all our business needs. And they came in at a price point that was significantly lower than the competition, so it was a slam dunk.”

The InfiniBox family allows enterprise customers to obtain optimal application and workload performance, simplify substantial storage consolidation, increase efficiency, integrate AIOps, provide comprehensive cyber storage resilience, and reduce CAPEX and OPEX. Both the InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA II platforms deliver the same guaranteed 100% availability, guaranteed performance SLAs, and white glove service that define the industry acclaimed Infinidat customer experience.

Infinidat has earned a very strong reputation for solution quality and reliability from an enterprise community that has zero tolerance for downtime. The InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA II platforms for enterprise primary storage deployments are not only the most cyber resilient and most reliable storage solutions in the industry, but also the highest performing and now recognized for delivering a positive ROI on storage. This is a perfect fit for enterprises and service providers to cut costs and thrive amid today’s changing macroeconomic climate.

Infinidat recently commissioned IDC, a leading provider of global IT research and advice, to write an IDC White Paper, “The Business Value of Infinidat Storage.”* The independent research found that the payback for an organization’s purchase of an Infinidat InfiniBox hybrid storage solution is 11 months, showing a rapid ROI for an enterprise-class, cyber resilient storage platform.

The research also revealed that Infinidat’s customers realize significant additional value, with an average annual benefit of $1.29 million per interviewed organization and a 162% ROI over five years. The study included in-depth interviews of seven enterprise customers in North America and Europe and applied a methodology to determine the business value of IT infrastructure spending.

"Companies need to balance information technology investments and cost controls, keeping the business operations going forward while exercising financial restraint during uncertain economic times. One of the best ways to do this is to select enterprise technology that has an expedient, faster-than-expected payback period for an attractive ROI,” said Dave Pearson, Research VP for Storage and Converged Systems, IDC. “IT decision-makers should consider not only the technical value but also the business value of technology, including enterprise data storage technology for the data infrastructure.”

As the white paper notes, “Infinidat offers a portfolio of enterprise-grade storage systems designed to cost-effectively address requirements for high performance, availability, and scalability at a time when companies are increasingly consolidating workloads and deploying demanding analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) applications as part of digital transformation initiatives.”

By using the InfiniBox® platform, enterprises are able to improve the efficiency of storage management, better support business operations, ensure storage-related uptime and achieve significant cost savings. Both the InfiniBox and the InfiniBox SSA II run on Infinidat’s software-defined storage architecture, InfuzeOS™, utilize Neural Cache deep learning algorithms for smart automation, deliver cyber storage resilience with InfiniSafe®, and leverage InfiniVerse® cloud-based tools to simplify storage administration and AIOps.

To download the IDC White Paper (*Doc. #US49976922, February 2023), click here.

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