Press Release

Pulsant Expands Cloud Storage Offering with INFINIDAT InfiniBox™

London, UK
July 19, 2017

High Availability and Ease of Management Enables Cloud Service Provider to Benefit from Significant Savings and Meet Stringent SLAs

Pulsant, a leading UK provider of hybrid cloud services, has selected two InfiniBox storage arrays from INFINIDAT to deliver storage service excellence to its many customers throughout the UK. Pulsant benefits from enterprise-class performance, cost effectiveness and ease of management while its customers enjoy high levels of storage performance, availability and service reliability.

The market for cloud computing services is hotly contended. Service providers have to fulfill stringent service level agreements (SLAs) or their customers will take their business elsewhere. One of Pulsant’s most strategic offerings is its cloud storage service, especially in light of the growing demand amongst mid-tier and enterprise customers to outsource some or all of their storage infrastructure. Pulsant was looking for an alternative storage solution to run alongside and eventually replace its more traditional tier-1 storage-based system. The company wanted to provide a more cost-effective service in order to position itself more competitively while retaining the high service quality and availability that its customers were accustomed to and required.

Pulsant selected InfiniBox storage arrays from INFINIDAT to store a wide range of customer data. The systems are used as shared devices to service customer infrastructures as part of Pulsant’s storage services as well as larger shared environments including Pulsant’s Enterprise Cloud platform, a VMware-based multi-tenant infrastructure platform housing several hundred customers.

Before selecting INFINIDAT, Pulsant carried out a thorough TCO analysis, which included modelling the cost of a service for customers, the results of which were the largest contributing factor in the purchasing decision. In addition to the low TCO, the Pulsant team was impressed by INFINIDAT’s enterprise-class functionality. The InfiniBox arrays offer a feature set which replicates that of more expensive systems but reduces complexity and cost by deploying commodity style hardware, intelligent disk utilisation techniques and effective SSD and memory caching layers for “hot” data sets. INFINIDAT’s innovative design enables ease of operation, while its low power and cooling requirements have resulted in cost savings, ultimately delivering more for less than other storage arrays.

The installation process was quick and easy with the systems being in production within three months from the start of the initial proof of concept testing. The INFINIDAT team was involved at all times and Pulsant was impressed by the level of communication, depth of technical knowledge and project management skills. Since installing the solution, Pulsant enjoys an average latency of sub-1ms across a highly diverse set of customer workloads and has been able to apply software updates real-time with no disruption of service. In addition to these key customer benefits, Pulsant’s operations team enjoys the simplicity of management and the lack of need to tune the arrays as these automatically and intelligently adapt to changing workloads and data access requirements.

“Our InfiniBox systems provide an excellent balance between ease of operation, enterprise-class features, availability, performance and cost. As such, the solution is exactly what we were looking for”, said Russel Ridgley, head of cloud services, Pulsant. “The low TCO allows us to position ourselves aggressively from a commercial point of view. The flawless reliability of the system means we can meet our strict SLAs with our customers. And the management simplicity helps us to easily service a large number of very different customers and maintain several hundred directly connected devices and volumes without any problems.”


Companies who acquire, store and analyse the most data achieve the greatest competitive advantage. INFINIDAT helps clients achieve competitive business advantage at a disruptive price point by delivering 1M IOPS of performance at sub-millisecond latency, 99.99999% reliability and scales to multiple petabytes of effective capacity in a single 42U rack. Automated provisioning, management, and application integration provide a system that is incredibly efficient and easy to deploy and manage. INFINIDAT is changing the paradigm of enterprise storage while reducing capital requirements, operational overhead, and complexity. INFINIDAT: Storing the Future.

About Pulsant
Pulsant is one of the UK’s leading providers of hybrid cloud solutions with a core focus on network connectivity, security and integration. Since its establishment in 1995, Pulsant has demonstrated tremendous growth and currently serves more than 4,000 customers — mid-size organisations in both the private and public sector — across a variety of industries.

The company operates an interconnected fabric between its 15 datacentres and other hybrid cloud services providers ensuring its customers have access to secure, high performance connectivity across the UK. In addition, Pulsant has a strong global presence delivering its services for customers across multiple continents.

Pulsant is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and holds a number of accreditations, including ISO27001, PCI DSS and BSI CSA Star for cloud security. The company is also on the G-Cloud framework and was awarded the Royal Warrant as a provider of hosted IT and datacentre services to the Royal household.