Synchronous Replication over infinite distance with zero-data-loss


InfiniSync® is a highly resilient zero-data-loss solution. It enables a simple, cost-effective RPO of zero with a two-data-center topology.  InfiniSync solves the limitations of synchronous replication (latency) and asynchronous replication (Recovery Point Objective), providing complete data integrity at any distance.

Download the InfiniSync data sheet to learn more.


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Built to Withstand Any Disaster: InfiniSync ensures data longevity for business continuity


Tested under the most extreme conditions, InfiniSync can withstand fire, crushing forces, and submersion in water, while continuing to do its job. No power, no network, no problem. InfiniSync has an onboard battery to support LTE transmission. With multiple built-in data transfer capabilities, it guarantees your data will get where it needs to go, one way or another.


Simplicity: Overcome common replication complexities and challenges with ease

Eliminating complexity is simple when using InfiniSync with the InfiniBox for replication. With a simple user interface, creating replication for your data only takes a few clicks. Download the InfiniSync white paper to learn more.

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Reliability: Ensure absolute business continuity


InfiniSync provides a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of zero. Every last data transaction that is committed to the source storage is accurately reproduced on the target storage to ensure absolute business continuity. All this is done while minimizing the Recovery Time Objective (RTO).


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Connectivity: Be prepared for anything with lightning-fast data transfer

InfiniSync’s multiple data transfer capabilities include: wired, wireless, and cellular protocols. The system is equipped with an internal battery, supporting continued data transfer operation for hours in the event of power loss. This is needed to enable the Black Box to communicate with the secondary data center and transfer the protected data. Broadband LTE transmission capability can transmit the data over an LTE cellular network if wired or wireless networks are unreachable. Wi-Fi transmission capability can also facilitate data extraction wirelessly to a nearby laptop in case the cellular transmission fails. One way or another, your data is guaranteed to be complete and secure.

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