Media Mentions

As the new director of sales for Spain, Portugal and Andorra, Yesharim will facilitate Infinidat's local success, improving the support it provides to customers and partners in these markets, where, as the manager points out, "the company has built a customer base loyal, highly qualified channel and strong sales and support organization. "

"The new value to be managed by organizations of all kinds. Companies are looking for capture, storage and processing capabilities, and those that succeed will have gained an advantage over their competition.
Today, we all understand the value of data and the importance of its management to make it profitable and extract from it information that adds value to companies. Technological advances are allowing the complicated exploitation of massive information to be carried out in a much simpler way thanks to the use of Big Data and analytical solutions, with interesting applications in different business areas."

En la era digital en la que vivimos el dato es el activo más importante para cualquier organización. De la capacidad de extraer valor de estos datos dependerá el posicionamiento competitivo en el nuevo orden digital. De ahí que la Inteligencia Artificial deba ayudar a manejar de manera eficiente la gran cantidad de información existente para transformar el Big Data de volumen en valor.