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Solving the Essential Business Equation of Enterprise Data Storage – Part 2

Hybrid Array + Innovation = Capacity + Performance + Savings

During last week’s post, I took a look at the challenge facing many IT leaders today when it comes to enterprise data storage — how does one achieve both high capacity and high performance without breaking the bank. Today we’ll take a closer look how an innovative, hybrid approach can enable capacity, performance and savings.

Hybrid brings together the best of both worlds, fast media (DRAM and NAND), which provides the necessary levels of performance (IOPS and latency) and spinning disk, which provides enormous amounts of density and capacity. These two, when properly combined, can deliver well balanced cost-effective solutions. But to bring it all together, you need real innovation, and this is where INFINIDAT has a significant advantage.

Breaking Bad Habits
In order to put capacity and performance together in one single package (which as mentioned before, must integrate reliability, scalability, ease of use, power savings, flexibility, high level of application integration, enterprise features, IOPS, bandwidth and low latency) one must break some bad habits. These include:

  • Traditional active/passive and dual-controllers which can impact reliability
  • RAID6 which can impact both reliability and performance
  • Disk-based data layout which can impact reliability and performance
  • Custom-built hardware solutions which can impact savings
  • Tiering and performance tuning which can impact savings and performance
  • Proprietary multipath and system drivers which can impact savings
  • Software licensing and tiered support which can impact savings

Storing The Future

INFINIDAT: Storing the Future
At INFINIDAT, we believe that we have solved this elusive equation. For us, it’s not just a matter of providing massive, enterprise capacity, but also of bringing together performance and reliability levels needed in order to safely maintain, scale and service the Petabytes of storage of the future. INFINIDAT solves this equation by successfully solving for the key component in this equation: savings, which in turn translate into better economics. INFINIDAT, in a nutshell, offers:

  • Enterprise Storage / Tier-1 (Natively Hybrid, High Performance)
  • 7 nines (99.99999) Reliability – 100x more reliable than existing enterprise arrays
  • Multiprotocol: SAN/NAS/Object
  • Extremely simple: 60 mins to become an expert storage admin
  • Massively dense: 1, 1.5 or 2PB Usable Capacity in a single floor tile
  • 3x more capacity in only 1 Rack, 8KW, Self-Managed, Self- Healing storage array
  • 3x to 5x less expensive than competitive tier-1 solutions.

What Makes INFINIDAT Different?
INFINIDAT was founded in 2011 by Moshe Yanai and a team of storage developers who have been engineering enterprise storage arrays for over three generations.  In fact, INFINIDAT’s team has developed a majority of the storage platforms most businesses have in the datacenters today.  Innovation is what sets INFINIDAT apart.

INFINIDAT brings high capacity, high performance, and high reliability to an infinite number of use cases. INFINIDAT is an environmentally-friendly system with low power consumption, low CapEx & OpEx and unmatched TCO! With more than 100 patent applications (with over 45 approved), INFINIDAT is a global leader in the areas of data protection, performance, automation, energy savings, ease of management, and scaling.

Acerca de Adrian Flores-Serafin

Adrian Flores-Serafin, is General Manager for Mexico and Latin America at INFINIDAT. He has been involved in IT and storage technologies for over 20 years. Has performed innumerable roles including storage administration, tech-support, solutions architect, technical sales manager and WW business unit executive. His is a veteran of Sun Microsystems, Perot Systems, EMC and IBM.