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From Easy to Really Easy: InfiniBox™ Log Management in VMware® vRealize™

“What’s past is prologue” – William Shakespeare (as spoken by Antonio in “The Tempest”; Act 2, Scene I)

OK, so the original context for this quote was admittedly nefarious. But it has since come to represent a much broader point – the past can and very clearly does often influence and inform the future.

What the hell does this have to do with this post, you ask? Good question! I’m pleased to report that we’ve recently collaborated with our friends at VMware to produce a comprehensive integration between InfiniBox and vRealize Log Insight™ – VMware’s heterogeneous, scalable log management platform. You can read all about it here on the VMware Cloud Management blog.

Watch a demonstration of InfiniBox™ Log Management in VMware® vRealize™

The significance of this announcement is that it enables vRealize Log Insight users to access a rich log data visualization environment in which they can rapidly analyze and action events mined from InfiniBox’s comprehensive logging subsystem.

By providing intuitive, actionable dashboards within the vRealize Log Insight UI, this integration will facilitate more efficient workflows and reduced triage and diagnostic times for clients hosting large VMware environments on InfiniBox. Health monitoring, system activity views and security auditing can all be conducted without leaving the vRealize Log Insight UI.

vRealize Log

vRealize Log Insight Delivers an Easy to Understand Visual Representation of InfiniBox Events

The INFINIDAT InfiniBox content pack is currently available and can be directly installed through the in-product Content Pack Marketplace in vRealize Log Insight 4.0 and later, or can be downloaded from VMware Solution Exchange here.

For more information on InfiniBox’s full VMware integration suite, check here.

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