Enterprise storage that enables ultra-high performance for the most intense workloads


InfiniBox SSATM consistently delivers outstanding performance for the most extreme workloads — those that require ultra-low latency for every I/O. Using 100% solid-state technology for persistent storage coupled with the power of Infinidat’s Neural Cache deep learning algorithms, InfiniBox SSA takes the groundbreaking performance of InfiniBox to the next level. InfiniBox SSA delivers the same proven reliability, availability, ease of use and customer experience that enterprise IT organizations and cloud service providers have come to expect from the Infinidat family of enterprise storage solutions, in a system especially designed for ultra-performance sensitive applications.

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Performance: Ultra-low latency for every I/O


For some enterprise applications, only ultra-high performance and extremely low latency will do. InfiniBox SSA goes all out when it comes to performance and delivers more bang for your buck against the most intense requirements for consistent and predictable, submillisecond latency.

InfiniBox SSA is designed to meet the specialized needs of these specific applications and easily surpasses the performance threshold of traditional all-flash arrays. Leveraging an SSD back-end combined with Infinidat’s innovative Neural Cache deep learning algorithms, InfiniBox SSA serves much of the IO from DRAM, which is an order of magnitude faster than flash-based SSDs.

Reliability: 100% availability guaranteed

Every InfiniBox SSA is designed for zero downtime over its lifecycle and comes with a 100% availability guarantee. Hardware and software redundancy is at the core of InfiniBox SSA’s rock-solid reliability. All critical components are “active-active-active” N+2 redundant, enabling rapid recovery from any failure. Additionally, each component in an InfiniBox SSA system must go through an exhaustive integration, verification, and test process prior to arrival in a customer’s data center, assuring the utmost reliability.

Ease of Management: Storage operations made simple


InfiniBox SSA makes storage operations much simpler with a focus on ease-of-use, to reduce administration overhead and allow IT staff to manage higher capacity with fewer engineers. The system offers a comprehensive RESTful API, allowing for the quick and efficient management of InfiniBox SSA systems. The InfiniBox SSA API enables full access to features and functions such as a simple-to-use HTML-5-based graphical user interface and a cross-platform command line interface. InfiniBox SSA, like the full suite of Infinidat storage solutions, is driven by simplicity, which enables intuitive, zero-training, efficient storage management.

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Ecosystem: Seamless integration with critical business applications

InfiniBox SSA easily integrates with critical business applications in the data center including virtualization, analytics, relational databases, and containerization platforms. Host PowerTools, our intuitive host connectivity and storage provisioning tool, reduces management tasks from days or hours to seconds. For more information on the InfiniBox SSA ecosystem, check out our Technology Alliance Partners.

InfiniBox + InfiniBox SSA: The right performance and the right latency at the right time

Together, InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA enable IT organizations to deliver just the right performance and just the right latency across all their enterprise applications, whether general-purpose or highly performance-sensitive. Both systems leverage Infinidat’s innovative Neural Cache for optimal performance, guarantee 100% availability, and offer unmatched scale at a compelling Total Cost of Ownership.