Media Coverage
In our 26th episode we talk with Brian Carmody (@initzero), CTO of INFINIDAT. Howard and I also talked with Inifinidat at Storage Field Day 8 (SFD8), a couple of weeks ago which recorded their session(s). For more information about INFINIDAT, we would highly suggest you watch the videos available here. As they say, Brian is wise beyond his (35) years and was highly conversant about the history of storage, IT in general and current industry trends – must have had good mentor(s). He made mention that many of today’s Billion dollar IT businesses were first dreamt up at EMC but failed to make a significant impact there. The podcast starts out talking about the changes impacting the storage industry today and the rise of the startups, all due to the great enabler – flash. INFINIDAT has a hybrid storage solution that uses controller based SSDs as a read cache for data that resides on 7200 RPM disks and uses sophisticated DRAM caching for read and write back cache.