INFINIDAT InfiniBox given compression injection, native iSCSI

INFINIDAT, one of the few storage vendors still singing the praises of hard disk drives, is adding compression, native iSCSI and performance analytics to its high-end enterprise array platform.

The company came out of stealth in 2015 selling INFINIDAT InfiniBox petabyte-scale storage systems. Its original target was the enterprise market that its founder Moshe Yanai helped EMC gain a foothold in nearly 30 years ago. Now it is trying to appeal to service providers with new features in its software version 3.0.

Although flash makes up a mere three percent of InfiniBox’s total capacity, INFINIDAT claims its systems are faster than all-flash arrays. INFINIDAT InfiniBox uses flash for cache but stores all data on hard disk drives (HDDs).

“We are one of the few vendors that still pay attention to those boring unsexy things that marketing people say don’t exist anymore — hard drives,” INFINIDAT CTO Brian Carmody said.

With the new software capabilities, INFINIDAT makes two new claims — its arrays can scale to 5 PB of effective storage with 480 drives in a 42u rack, and its Ethernet-based iSCSI performance will be perform as well as Fibre Channel.

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