Infinidat adds predictive analytics to Infinibox OS. But what’s it mean?

Infinidat, founded by Moshe Yanai of Symmetrix and XIV fame, provides probably the most reliable and available monolithic primary data storage array in the industry, with seven nines reliability and low latency access.

Its business is continuing to grow and revenues in the recently-ended quarter were the second largest it’s ever recorded.

Chief product officer Jacob Broido said reliability at petabyte scale is critical for Infinidat’s customers. “We’re constantly over-delivering on their expectations.”

He said the focus is on further developing its existing array product while keeping an eye on emerging technologies that could enable it to be a stronger offering in the future.

He said there would be improved quality of service management, such that service providers could throttle IOPS and bandwidth, with array management geared to enabling them to offer tiered QoS levels (Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc.) to their multi-tenant customers.

Infinidat’s array is a hybrid, employing disk for bulk data storage and flash (SATA SSDs) for caching data. There are, Broido believes, at this point in time, no good cost and performance reasons for adopting an all-flash array architecture or a flash storage tier, not when it wins bake-offs by customers against all-flash array vendors’ products.

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