INFINIDAT and Brocade Join Forces to Ensure Resilient Networks for Simplified Storage

With the growing needs of organizations, need for high performance storage systems have also raised. And ensuring high performance and reliability for these storage systems on a connected network is being a major problem for the organizations. Addressing a solution for this issue, INFINIDAT announces its technology alliance with Brocade to deliver enterprises with simple, reliable and scalable data storage solution. This integration serves the customers with reduced deployment complexities, risks and costs of the storage while on other side ensuring predictable performance and availability as well.

As the part of collaboration, INFINIDAT can sell Brocade Fibre Channel SAN and IP networking products as part of an InfiniBox enterprise data storage solution for enhancing the enterprise storage deployments. The combination of storage and networking technologies ensure enterprises with data availability from server to storage without compromising high performance.

The solution is tested across multiple hosts and operating systems by using Brocade Solid State Ready Program. The companies offer networking port failover capability that ensures applications will not lose their data path while performing maintenance or incase of node or port failures by leveraging its unique feature that decouples the logical and physical networking ports separately. It also ensures signal integrity for additional reliability and uninterrupted access to the storage arrays.

Jacob Broido, Vice President of Product Management, INFINIDAT said that customers will have a comprehensive solution that is simple to implement, offers ease of maintenance and no risk of downtime.</p>

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