INFINIDAT: awesome tech, great execution

I’ve had the chance to talk to INFINIDAT many times in the last six months, however, Storage Field Day 8 served best to understand its technology.

Enterprise storage DNA

I won’t go deep into talking about INFINIDAT as a company, you can find all the info you need on their website… but there are a few important things to mention.

Its founder is Moshe Yanai, the inventor of Symmetrix as well as many other storage systems and technology, a sort of legend in the storage industry.

The company is incredibly well funded, I’m sure that just having a company with such a founder attracts money.

But what struck me since the first meeting we had is the fact that they have a lot of enteprise customers already and are selling like mad (I think the last press release talks about a 61% increase in revenues in the last Q, with massive international growth).

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