Is the modern data centre mission impossible?

The way businesses use data is changing, mainly due to the introduction and increased adoption of cloud computing, virtualisation, big data, The Internet of Things, and social media.

This exponential growth is partly caused by massive technological advancements, with more online and mobile transactions, higher resolution images and videos, and new regulations requiring digital information to be stored for longer periods of time.

The resulting data is the most valuable asset for most organisations, which want to capture and analyse it to turn it into usable, insightful information that can successfully help grow the business.

This reliance on data is why most organisations are highly dependant on their IT infrastructures. According to a recent IDC study, reliability and performance are top contributors to the optimisation of a storage infrastructure. However, with budget constraints, increased complexity and the limitations of current storage architectures, companies are increasingly forced to choose between scalability, availability, performance and cost.

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